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Are you a Mental Health Professional looking to relocate/migrate to another part of the UK?

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Internal Migration in the UK is on the rise, with people wanting to relocate throughout the country all year round. The UK has a high rate of internal immigration compared to other European countries with nearly 3 million people (3.5% of the population) moving around the country in 2015.

Whilst London’s population is rising due to birth rates, the figures show that people are actually leaving the capital to move to other parts of the country. In fact, people are tending to leave England’s biggest cities including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leicester which is mainly due to people wanting to move to more rural areas for more affordable housing and better mental health. Figures show that the regions of South East England, South West England and East of England are proving to be very popular, having the highest migration levels across the country. This isn’t very surprising as the statistics show that these regions enjoy the highest quality of life.

In light of these statistics, it is important to highlight that Service Care Solutions currently have a number of temporary and permanent mental health roles available all across the UK which are also located in the most rural and beautiful parts of the country including Cumbria, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, Hampshire and Cornwall.

If you are a Mental Health Practitioner that are currently considering relocating to another part of the country but are worried about finding suitable employment then please do get in touch as Service Care Solutions will be happy to help! We have a number of mental health roles available including Nurses, Social workers, Occupational Therapists, PWP’s, CBT Therapists and Healthcare Assistants.

You can contact the Mental Health Team on 01772 208963 or send your CV to

Here are some links to roles we currently have available:
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