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Brexit – In or out?

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We are in the running up to the EU Brexit referendum on June 23rd to decide if Britain should leave or remain in the EU. With 3 weeks until the 2016 EURO’s start, 4 weeks until my birthday and 5 weeks until the referendum there is an increase in news discussing what would happen if we decided to leave or stay.

Stay campaign

The stay campaign says Britain would be better to stay in the EU, we would have “special” status if we decide to stay, which will deal with some of the things that the British people say they don’t like about the EU such as high levels of immigration.

The stay campaign believes we are stronger in Europe. Chancellor “George Osborne’s main motivations are the benefits of free trade and the security of the EU without the costs of the Eurozone. He claimed a vote to leave was a “huge leap in the dark”.

Leave campaign

• The leave campaign believes that Britain should be able to have full control of its border and reduce the number of people coming to Britain.
• They also believe that we are being held back due to the rules imposed whilst being part of the EU.
• Britain sends £35million a day to the EU after the rebate figure is taken off.

What could the outcomes be?

There are a lot of stories in the news of what will happen if we vote out of the EU. We would be the first nation state to ever do so. The question is do the British people believe staying in the EU will change as David Cameron has said, will we get a special status or will we be included in the creation of a United States of Europe. One question especially in my mind is what sort of special cake I will be given in 4 weeks and hoping this blog will be a reminder that it is just 4 weeks away.
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