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My significant other and I have a demanding toddler who cunningly has us wrapped around her little finger, and due to this we must bow to her every demand. We try our best to keep her entertained, this includes day trips out and involving her in new experiences.

My daughter is fascinated by animals and we have had several trips to the Zoo which she has thoroughly enjoyed, having heard from my sister in law that Chester Zoo do a ‘Magical Lantern walk’ we were quick to tell her to take our money and book it.

On Friday we drove over to Chester Zoo, merrily listening to Disney songs on loop and arrived around 4 p.m. as it was starting to get dark. Once we were through the gates we were given cardboard lanterns to carry around and were met by some dancing Zebra posing as lollipop persons.

The Zoo is mapped out into a walk around the grounds that takes roughly 90 minutes to navigate taking you past many of the animal enclosures. The walk is festively lit and will take you through sections that although may lack in live animals (as they are no doubt asleep and out of the cold) but make up in greeting you with people dressed in amazing bright costumes, animal illuminations and a mid-walk pit stop for hot chocolate or mulled wine.

All in all we had fun and would recommend this to anyone with or without children. It was definitely worth braving the cold and will no doubt be returning next year. If you want to have a look for yourself click here 
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