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Nervous? Don’t be! How to perform to your best at an interview;

One of the main tips I have learned working in recruitment is how crucial interview preparation is for consultants just as much as it is for candidates. At Service Care Legal we do our best to ensure our candidates are fully equipped to perform to their best at an interview. Whether that is by carrying out thorough 1-2-1’s with the consultant and candidate, reviewing their CV and highlighting their experience against the job specification or briefing them on the interview format so that they can prepare

Service Care Legal’s tips on preparing for an interview:

What do you know about your potential Employer?
Whether you are interviewing for a temporary or permanent position, it is vital you find out information about the organisation or law firm’s background, history and ethos. It demonstrates to the interviewer you have taken the time and initiative to find out more about your potential employer. Likewise, research the role you have applied for and the interviewer and their position in the organisation.
How should I dress?
Smart, always! A first impression sticks and your personal presentation will be the first thing your interviewer notices. Make sure you wear smart office wear and always go that extra mile for your interview i.e. suit jacket and polished shoes!

Should I ask questions?
Speaking from experience, when I interview for internal positions and I ask the candidate “Do you have any questions?” I am always disappointed if the answer is “No”. How? Is the first thing that comes to mind? Make sure you do enough research to find questions to ask your interviewer whether it be; what is the benefit package? Or what is the office culture like? It is your opportunity to find out more about the organisation/law firm that you could potentially be joining.

Plan your route!
Even if you are sure where the interview is being held, always check you know the best route to get there and where you can park. If you are taking public transport, plan your route! Don’t leave this until the last minute as it can cause delays in getting to your interview on time. Our consultants are on hand to help you plan your route if need be and we will always go that extra mile. Punctuality is crucial and if you turn up late to an interview due to traffic or a missed link, it automatically gives an impression that time-keeping is not your greatest strength.

Our consultants will go above and beyond to prepare you for your interview. If you struggle with nerves or you haven’t attended an interview for a while, let us know! We will do what we can to give you as many tips and advice to ensure you secure the job. 
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