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Your CV has grabbed your potential employers attention, now it’s time to impress them in an interview and get across why you would be perfect for the job!

The most important things to consider ahead of an interview is preparation and research.

The Day Before....

• Check the location of your interview and plan your route ensuring you will arrive in plenty of time. You can always wait in the car or grab a coffee nearby. It’s better to be early than late!
• Prepare your outfit - always ensure you are dressed smartly
• Read through any job descriptions / details you have
• Research potential questions relating to your specific role and prepare some answers
• Interviewers will often ask questions which assess your behaviours and competencies so research some general interview questions and techniques
• Research the company you are hoping to work for by going on their website and visiting their social media profiles. Interviewers often ask questions to see if you have done your research. It’s better to be over prepared than have no knowledge of the company you are trying to impress
• Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. It would be best to think of around 5 in case any are answered during the interview

What To Take.....

• The full address of the interview location including postcode in case you get lost
• The details of who to ask for on arrival. Little things like someone’s name can easily be forgotten under pressure
• A copy of your CV
• The job description
• A pen and notepad
• Make sure you take any interview notes / research with you so you can refresh yourself while waiting to be seen
• Your ID such as driving licence or passport
• Any necessary qualification certificates

During The Interview......

• Always greet everyone from the receptionist to your interviewer with a smile. Being polite and friendly to everyone is important
• When first meeting your interviewer make sure you greet them with a firm hand shake
• When you enter the interview room make sure you get yourself in a comfortable position as you may be there for a while
• Always accept a drink if offered one. This is not only polite but can be used later on if you need a distraction to think about any difficult questions you are answering
• Positive body language is important. Sit up straight, slightly lean forward and maintain eye contact
• Take deep breaths and relax
• Answer questions clearly and concisely
• Be enthusiastic and positive and never bad mouth any previous employers. This doesn't create a good impression on your professionalism
• Make sure you highlight your best achievements and skills and get across what you could bring to the role and the company
• Ask your questions at the end of the interview. This gives you a chance to show the interviewer you are prepared and have done your research
• Always ask what the next step will be and when you can expect to hear from them

I hope these tips have been helpful. Good Luck in your next interview!
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