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Journey to becoming an agency Social Worker

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Check list to becoming an agency Social Worker

1. Make sure you are registered with the HCPC. If you are a newly qualified social worker the sooner you get this in process the quicker you will find work.
2. Choose an agency to sign up with. It is important you feel comfortable with one that you choose.
3. Update your CV. Agencies will more than likely have a service to help you maximise your CV to ensure you have the correct information on their
4. A DBS will need to be completed – Once you have signed up with an agency you will need to have a DBS completed
5. Compliancy information will need to be sent to the agency. This will include Passport, Driving License, DBS etc.
6. You are now ready to be set up for interviews. Make sure you are aware of what job roles the agency is forwarding your CV for. If you are offered a job after interview (this usually can happen quite quickly) you will be asked when you can start. Being able to start as soon as possible will increase your chances of being accepted for the role.

Other things you may want to consider:

• How you want to be paid – Either PAYE or through an umbrella company. Do speak to your agency about this.
• How often you want to be paid.
• How long you want to be in a contract for
• Setting up a private pension

If you would like to discuss this with an industry expert then give one of the Social Work team on 01772 208964 
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