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On December 13th 2015 after 8 weeks training I took part in an ‘Ultra White Collar Boxing’ event with all proceeds raised in aid of Cancer Research.

Boxing had always been an interest of mine however I had never actually thought of doing it myself! I’d preferred taking part in sports best enjoyed in warm weather like golf, or the comforts of a pub like pool. Boxing was not one of these!

I’d got myself into this position by pure accident…well I say that, I had been gently persuaded by a mr ‘Captain Morgan’ and his friend ‘Jack Daniels’. Upon receiving a text ‘congratulating me on my inclusion’ things became all too real!

The training started mid-October and included 2 nights training at a local boxing gym then however much you wanted to train on top. Due to my physical shape and fitness at the time, this was going to be a lot! I swapped the chips for wholemeal rice, fry-ups for porridge and alcohol for H2O! If I was doing it, I was doing it properly!

The cold winter nights were spent in the warmth of the boxing gym surrounded by the smell of stale sweat and the familiar sight of spattered blood or pumping iron at the local ‘body building’ gym.

The effects were pretty much instantaneous!? If not all that positive though! My nose became shorter due to protecting my face from the rest of peoples fists. My wrists ached due to the weight of holding boxing gloves close to my face for periods of time and my neck hurt trying to keep my head in its rightful place! However I did notice one thing though…my belly was getting smaller!
So I continued! I pumped weights like I believed Arnold Swarzenegger would! I punched bags like I believed Mike Tyson would! And I shuffled like I believed Muhammad Ali would! They probably did it slightly better than I did but that didn’t matter to me!

So after 8 weeks of this I was in the best shape of my life! I was ready and fight night had arrived….I was 14th bout so right in the middle! This had both its advantages and disadvantages, one rearing its ugly head very early. Watching the 1st bout and seeing how many people were watching and how much it looked like it hurt!

The fights continued and before I knew it was 11….. then 12….. then 13…... then ME! I stepped into the ring in front of 800 spectators to Chumba Wumbas ‘I get knocked down’. I was hoping this was not going to be the case….I was wrong!

My opponent had kindly given me a ‘budget rhinoplasty’ early into round one then decided I looked like I needed a sit down so kindly punched me onto my backside! I decided I wasn’t really enjoying him stealing the show so I came out guns blazing in round 2. Now I don’t really remember much of round 2 as I think my arms were operating like a ‘dutch windmill’. This seemed to do the trick as my opponent was given a standing 8 count.

The 3rd and final round we both came out like 2 men who were fighting for the ‘town hall clock’. Again my opponent was trying to detach my head while I was trying the same to him. We were both tired but we had come this far!

Finally the bell rang…it was over!

Both my opponent and I hugged as we both had been through an extremely physical and mentally draining experience. The scores were in and the referee pulled us both to the centre of the ring to announce the winner.

‘And the judges have made their decision, with a unanimous decision, the winner…in the blue corner….ME!

I HAD DONE IT! I HAD WON! It was an amazing feeling!

However when I really look at it, there was no winner in my fight…Cancer had been the reason my Dad had been taken away from me when I was just 25 and both me and my opponent had raised a huge amount of money for an amazing cause. A cause that hopefully will allow our loved ones to be around for longer and to stop the suffering that so many experience!

The whole experience was fantastic for a number of reasons, the fundraising, the fitness and the friends I met along the way. I have been asked if I would do it again and I haven’t really thought about it just yet. I just want to enjoy the finer things in life and not worry how slow ‘that burger’ will make me! That’s not to say I won’t do it again but it was a nice feeling to wake up on the Monday morning and declare to the missus that I now had an ‘undefeated boxing record’! 
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