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I signed up for Tough Mudder North West, after months of moaning about being unfit, and a bit of light persuasion from my older brother, who had previously completed the challenge.

Tough Mudder is 10 -12 miles, set in the Cheshire Countryside, running through mud and completing over 20 obstacles, testing both your physical and mental strength. The obstacles include crawling through tunnels, swamps, running through electric shock wires, and climbing over the ‘Hero Walls’ at 9’ 6’’ high. It’s all for a great cause with some of the proceeds going to the Help for Heroes Campaign.

I felt quite well prepared, I had put in a few training sessions, and done a bit of running too. The day got off to a terrible start, at 6:30am, we got a flat tyre on the M6 and thought we would miss our start time. My family were waiting there to cheer us on, and we managed to make it there with 5 minutes to spare, after an RAC call out and a car change on the motorway. The sun came out, and we got warmed up, I moaned about having to lie on the ground in the warm up, little did I know how muddy I was about to get!

We started really well, the first 2 miles or so were relatively easy, running on flat ground and climbing over a few hay bales, but that definitely was the easy part. We soon hit a pool of Ice cold water, tunnels which ended in thick pools of mud, and the dreaded mud mile. By mile 7 my legs started to ache, and my trainers were full of mud. I attempted all of the obstacles, but not all successfully. We heard some inspirational stories along the way, of injured service men who had completed the course, and this along with my brother’s encouragement (and shouting) got me to mile 12 in just over 3 hours. I only had to tackle the Everest Wall to get to the finish line, which I dramatically failed at, and ended up flat on my face at the bottom, but I tried.

Despite the mud, my moaning and all the bruises, it was a fantastic experience that I would recommend any body to take part in. The day was filled with teamwork, and was a great laugh watching people overcome fear and complete the challenge, for a great cause. Plus there was a refreshing Pint of Cider at the finish line! I will definitely be signing up to Tough Mudder 2017!
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