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On the 22nd March 2017, myself and Alex Proctor from social work attended a recruitment fair in Liverpool on behalf of Service Care Solutions. The event was aimed at young business students who attend the universities of Liverpool. The main aim was to try and land themselves a graduate job, placement year or just a general opportunity to gain experience. Our goal was to try and seek out the next superstar recruitment consultant, for our office in Preston. We are a fast growing company and always have opportunities available for talented individuals.

When we arrived it was clear this was a prestigious event as it was held in the impressive Crypt Hall, which boasts long hallways with open brickwork arches and walls. There were approximately 30-40 other companies there, creating a busy and exciting atmosphere. First thing we had to do was set up our table! It was difficult to compete with some of the much larger companies, who brought TV screens, fancy booklets and a large team, however we did a good job in setting up a smart and approachable table. A table that was filled with free sweets, pens, notepads, bags and mints! We did have the odd person who was clearly just after our merchandise, but who can blame them? It looked good, and you can never have too many pens! Students started to walk round and it was very clear that some arrived with a purpose, heading to specific tables, to get their CV to the right person. Some would just be there for a browse and were probably looking for some inspiration as to what they could do after graduating. However, the majority would be more open to all ideas and new opportunities. We had a unique factor, a unique selling point, in that nobody knew what kind of business we were! This however did work in our favour, as we were getting approached with inquisitive students wondering what we had to offer.

On a personal side of things, I managed to speak to a large number of law students. As this is the specific sector I recruit for, it was interesting to see so many focused and driven candidates who, further down the line could come end up contacting me for help with a job search. I handed out a lot of business cards and can only hope that one day I get a call from a NQ Solicitor looking for a new opportunity! Additionally, I managed to speak to a new client who were there looking for their next junior members of staff. They seemed to appreciate we were out and about raising our brand awareness, so I’m staying in touch to see if they have any recruitment needs themselves.

One of the interesting points of the day was observing the different approach used by other businesses. The aim was to attract students to your stand. There were some businesses out and about walking around, almost herding students to their table. Some would use the ‘sit back and let them come approach’. Me and Alex went for a more in the middle approach. Being in a sales based industry, communicating with people and talking about the positives of our opportunities came quite naturally and we soon created a bit of a buzz around our stand.

It was good to speak to so many different individuals with very clear ambitions. It was also fun trying to explain what brought me into the recruitment industry, as I don’t think many recruitment consultants have a good answer for. However, it appeared when we started talking about the responsibilities of a recruitment consultant in more detail, their interest grew. Talking about that feeling when you complete a placement, and when you find the perfect candidate out of nowhere. Or when you bring on a big new client. Or simply just the fun of no day ever being the same.

We took the details of approximately 30 potential trainee recruitment consultants, who we will be in contact with to discuss the opportunities Service Care Solutions has to offer. All of which we thought had good qualities to become recruitment consultants. I genuinely hope that some of the applicants manage to secure a position with the company. However, if they join one of my competitors, I hope they like a challenge!
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