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Sadiq Khan Sets Out his Housing Plans for London:

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Sadiq Khan was last week elected the new Mayor of London, Mr Khan Lead his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith by a total of 315,529 votes.

One of Sadiq Khans key manifesto pledges was to tackle the Housing Crisis in London. Here is what Sadiq Khan had to say before the election:
“London is the greatest city in the world, but we’re at a crossroads,” he says. “Londoners are being priced out of our city by the housing crisis and the cost of commuting – missing out on the opportunities that London gave me. If we don’t act now, it could be too late.”

Soaring prices and a lack of affordable homes ensured all of the candidates made housing their top priority .Sadiq Khan is pledging to bring in a 50% affordable housing target with firm rules for developers to ensure that new homes built are “genuinely affordable”. Mr Khan has promised to reform the rental market by introducing the London Living Rent – a new type of home where rents are a third of local tenants' average incomes. For first-time buyers, he plans to introduce a 50 per cent affordable housing target for new developments and give renters priority to buy, ahead of landlords or investors. He also plans to establish a London wide “not-for-profit” lettings agency to promote longer-term, stable tenancies for responsible tenants and good landlords across London. He will work with boroughs to set up landlord licensing schemes – naming and shaming bad landlords and promoting good ones as well as bringing forward more land owned by public bodies and use the Mayor's new homes team to develop that land. This will enable more homes to be built where they are needed. He also plans to invest £400 million of his affordable homes budget to support housing associations in their plans to ensure a minimum of 80,000 new homes a year.

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I truly believe that new homes should be made available for every one who works and pay taxes in the UK. I am a EU citizen living in the UK since 2011, studied, working, voting and paying my taxes despite my poor salary. When it comes to reserve/ buy new home with the Gov scheme, I will be ask to have a connection in the area. almost half of my salary is going into taxes, I think I deserve to be able to purchase a small home with Help to buy and Gov support without having my old parents to be born in this country. Just hope the new Major will bring new and pr0- active solutions in this matter, not only in London but in the neighbouring counties.
Catherine Benning, 20/05/16
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