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Securing a Training Contract

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For many young, hopeful, legal professionals, securing a training contract is the biggest obstacle to tackle on their legal journey. With a high number of applicants for each firm it can prove frustrating and time consuming. One area of advice most solicitors will give is that it is more than worth it in the long run. Below is other bits of advice to help you get over the daunting obstacle.

Gaining experience is essential. Firms will look at the applicants who have made the effort to go out into a number of firms, gaining insight into different practice areas. This shows determination and commitment which is a key attribute for successful applicants. Look for vacation schemes, this will allow you to build up connections with a potential future employer.

Academics are very important. If it comes down to a decision between two applicants and one has slightly higher results through education, this could be a deciding factor. Don’t neglect the smaller modules as these could be exactly what future employers are looking for. You never know.

Persistence is the key, being unsuccessful for one firm doesn’t mean that you aren’t exactly what another firm is looking for. It is important to tailor your application and your interview answers for different firms, let them believe you know exactly what you are looking for. Convince the firm that you regard them above others and that you will fit into the culture and style of the specific firm. However it is just as important to approach each one with confidence and belief. Don’t give up and work hard on your professional portfolio. Success could be yours sooner than you think.
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