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Service Care Compliance has had a makeover……….

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Since moving offices back in September, Service Care Solutions decided to revamp the way our compliance looks and works. With a brand new application pack which is now editable from your computer, this makes the process much easier for people wanting to register with SCS. Originally we had a paper document which would have to be posted and sent back , this could be a very lengthy process and would take up a lot of unnecessary time. Compliance is a big part of recruitment and we need to make sure we have certain things in place before placing candidates into work. This new process saves candidates time and ultimately gets them into work a lot quicker.

The application pack does not just look better, the way it works and how easy it is to complete has brought the Service Care Solutions into the 21st century.

Here at Service Care Solutions we take compliance very seriously. As you may well know we are part of the London Procurement Program (LPP), Health Trust Europe (HTE) and Crown Commercial Services (CCS) frameworks and we always adhere to their compliance requirements. With our bank of workers growing, the demand for compliance increases as a result, this can only mean the demand for support and manpower increases within the compliance team. With that in mind Service Care Solutions have recently hired three new team member to support our ever increasing compliance. This in in turn makes the compliance process much more efficient for our candidates during the application process.

We strive to keep all of our candidates happy whilst going through the recruitment process, the speed of the compliance process depends mostly on the efficiency of the candidate, our compliance team are always here to help and hope this change has greatly improved the way we work. I think this change has been embraced and hopefully a sign of new things to follow.

I think this new way of performing our compliance will make the process much less time consuming, when joining Service Care Solutions.

We in the Compliance Department are always happy to help and are only a phone call or email away, we would always be happy to help you with any problems or difficulties you may face. 
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