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Tackling Tiredness with Water!

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How often do you feel tired or drained at work (even after a good 8 hours sleep)? The majority of us hard-working individuals put their tiredness and grogginess down to lack of sleep or a stressful life. In fact, the most common reason for feeling tired and losing concentration is a result of dehydration.

Health authorities commonly recommend that we should drink around 2 litres (or half a gallon) of water per day. This water is lost throughout the day and a water deficiency of even 2% can cause the brain to slow down and lose focus.

In simple terms, water makes up the majority of your blood and other body fluids, and even mild dehydration can cause blood to thicken which therefore forces the heart to pump harder to carry blood to your cells and organs and resulting in fatigue. In addition, the brain is approximately 85 percent water and therefore depends on having an abundant access to water in order to operate efficiently. Brain cells need two times more energy than other cells in the body and water provides this energy more effectively than any other substance.

A typical employee consumes a moderate/high amount of caffeine throughout the day through drinking coffee and tea. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, meaning that workers who drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day are at increased risk of the effects of dehydration. They also risk suffering from fatigue, migraines and general poor health if any lost water is not replaced.

A crucial time of the day to hydrate is first thing in the morning. One of the most important results of undergoing this treatment is colon cleansing, which enables better absorption of nutrients from various foods which feed the brain.

With all this water loss, it is recommended that we should drink 10-13 cups of water per day to maintain optimum concentration levels and maintain good hydration levels. So next time you are feeling tired, moody or groggy, try drinking a couple of glasses of water and see how your day goes!
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