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The power of a positive mental attitude

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“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude toward us.”

Life is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have a positive mental attitude. Sometimes it may seem like a challenge to think positively if your life is slightly hectic. It is important to see that it is you who chooses whether to think positively or negatively. Many people are great believers in a strong correlation between a positive mental attitude, happiness and success. It is thought that by changing the way you think to a more positive light can benefit our lives in a number of ways.

Positive mental attitude

Improved motivation

Increased productivity


Having a positive mindset helps to improve your general mood – because you have a more positive mental attitude, it means you are able to overcome any negative situations that may arise in your life much more easily. Changing the way you think to a more positive light means you can deal with the situations in a more positive and productive manner.

As a result of a more positive ‘can do’ attitude, this will help to improve your motivation. Tasks that you may normally avoid or put off will seem more manageable to tackle as you are looking at them with a more positive mind-set.

This increased motivation will lead to an improvement in your productivity levels whether this be in your work or personal life. You will get much more done as you are more motivated to complete the tasks at hand.

Obviously this would then lead to you accomplishing more and/or being successful in your efforts to complete something. As you have been successful in your tasks, this should in turn make you think and feel more positive, and the cycle will start again. All of these benefits are something anyone can experience with the power of positive thinking!

A positive mental attitude has also been linked to numerous health benefits and researchers and continuing to explore this. Some of these health benefits that a positive mental attitude can be linked to are as follows:
• Improved psychological wellbeing
• Helps combat depression
• Lower stress levels
• Increased life span
• Lower cholesterol
• Prevents high blood pressure
• Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
• Slower aging
• Boosted immune system

The reasons for these benefits are uncertain but theory suggests that people who have a more positive outlook manage to cope better with any situation that may be stressful, this means that the chances of any harm on the body caused by stress are reduced. It is also suggested that a person who possesses a positive mental attitude and those who tend to be more optimistic are more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle.
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