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What is the National Probation Service E3 programme?

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As most will know, there’s never a shortage of rumours and whispers about where probation is heading in the future. The main topic of recent conversations seemingly surrounds the E3 programme, but most people have been left wondering exactly what it means and what the aim of it is.

E3 stands for “Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Excellence” - This was created following the Transforming Rehabilitation Programme in June 2014, with the initial testing and proposals having recently started and are due to continue throughout early 2016.

The basic principles are to essentially redesign the NPS structure with six key areas of focus:
• Community Supervision;
• Court Service;
• Custody/Prison;
• Youth Offending Teams and Services;
• Victim Services; and
• Approved Premises

Each of the services provided by the NPS are looking at vast changes with a National Framework being introduced, which will clarify the responsibilities of the NPS towards each service. This will have an effect on role responsibilities for Probation Service Officers and Probation Officers, with more responsibility being given to Probation Service Officers. Along with this, the training framework to become a qualified Probation Officer will also change to match this, with a system of qualifications known as “Criminal Justice Learning” set to come into place from 2016.

In terms of the outcome, the initial aim is to align the approach to service delivery throughout the seven divisions, rather than continuing to function via a range of procedures used in the former Probation Trusts. To do this the NPS is looking to provide improvement on the IT systems with particular focus on Delius and deliver evidence-based practices to replace older and less reliable practices. Additionally the NPS aim to invest more money into the core staffing services so that everyone can continuously develop their skillset, and ensure staff are in the most suitable area to maximise individual talent within the service.

If you are interested in putting forward your thoughts for suggestions for the E3 programme, you can contact a dedicated mailbox with any questions or thoughts at . 
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