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Why as a candidate would I use an agency?

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As a candidate you are thinking about looking for a new job but where do you start? The obvious choice would be to search through the legal job advert websites and read through the adverts that unfortunately may have similar or generic information. That may be as far as you get with your job search. But as a Legal Secretary, Solicitor or Paralegal have you ever thought about using an agency?

There are significant benefits as a Legal professional to using an agency and unless you have contacted one previously you may not know the role that we play in the application process. Some of the benefits include having direct contact with legal practices in your area. In having this contact we have knowledge about Private Practice, Public Sector organisations and In house legal departments who are recruiting in your area, the current market salary and exactly what that legal practice are looking for in a candidate. We spend a lot of time talking and discussing these positions with these legal practices which gives us information beyond the job description that you may have read on a job board.

Whether you are in work or out of work the process of applying for multiple jobs or finding the right legal practice takes time. Whilst using an agency won’t mean that you can sit back and watch the job interviews come to you it does mean that you are discussing positions you are interested in without the hassle of searching through legal practices websites and putting together an application based on what you have read on a job board or companies website. Your time can be spent writing cover letters that will highlight where your experience matches exactly what the company is looking for.

So you have had a job interview and you are looking for a certain salary or working hours, but how do you negotiate that directly with the legal practice? As an agency we negotiate every day, from the relationship we have with manager in these companies we are able to negotiate in all areas including salary, hours and benefits. As a direct applicant you wouldn’t have the contact with these companies that an agency would have.

This process starts with an initial phone call to discuss your current situation and any detail about the area of law you are looking for, previous work experience and which legal position you may be interested in. If you are thinking about a new position within a Private Practice, Public sector organisation or In house department and have never used an agency before, or if you would like to know what legal vacancies we have available in your area I am available to discuss this process in more detail with you. Alternatively you can see the jobs I currently have advertised here.
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