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A day in the life of a Community Payback Supervisor!

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I received a call at work from one of my CRC Clients to let me know that they were looking to hire Community Payback Supervisors, and had heard good things about Service Care Solutions, but they had experienced bad service from a number of agencies in the past, so were understandably cautious, so how best to restore the faith than to organise a meeting between us, and actually enter the mind-set of the role I am recruiting for.

Together, the manager and I agreed that if I actually assisted in the role for a day, it would be a great way to narrow down the best candidates as it would give me the experience to define exactly what you need to look for. It was agreed that I would come down, take part in a local project with an unpaid work team, and then take part in Pro-Social training (I’ll update you on how this goes in January!). The day and all round experience was definitely well worth the visit. We took the minibus over to the work site, which in this case was an overgrown walkway by a residential home, and off we went pulling at weeds and clearing the bushes in the pouring rain. What I saw whilst watching the supervisors work alongside the unpaid workers was definitely eye opening; there were no problems between the two groups, and the respect was clear to see in both directions despite the annoyance of poor weather. A majority of the group were coming to the end of their respective orders, and it was clear to see with the lack of issues during the day that the community payback order had started their journey away from

It would seem that the general consensus is that community payback work can be “easy” or is “a slap on the wrist” but from my day clearing bushes in the not-so-warm-and-sunny UK, I witnessed the genuine effort put in, and the sense of pride at the results from the unpaid workers, and would whole heartedly defend the way community payback works. It does all come down to the amazing staff members as it was the approach of these Supervisors, and their mind-set of working WITH people as opposed to “managing” people that was key.

Of course, the aim of the day was to figure out who is the perfect candidate, and the day helped massively – we now have a number of staff members working very well within the service, and the bespoke element of my recruitment just got a little better! 
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