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Is a career in Social Housing for me??

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I think it is best to start this by being completely honest, working within the Social Housing Sector can be very difficult and challenging. It can also be incredibly rewarding and can offer the right candidate a genuine opportunity to really make a difference. I have recruited within this sector for a number of years now and it never fails to surprise me how many candidates I have placed who have never considered a career in Social Housing previously but have gone on and forged a career where they can be involved at the front line, dealing with Tenants and making a positive difference in their lives. I have candidates who have come from a Customer Service background and have secured permanent employment using those skills to deal with vulnerable Tenants who need some advice and help. I honestly think one of the big positives of working in Social Housing is that it will really make use of any skills you have learnt in previous employment as the roles can be so varied.

All too often you hear that you need 2, 3, 4 or even 5 years’ experience to even stand a chance of securing a new role. I have found that the Social Housing Sector works a little differently. What I look for is those candidates who are committed, determined and willing to work hard for what they want. The opportunities are there, it may initially mean working on a temporary contract and really showing what you can do to your new employer. It may mean being willing to advance your knowledge with extra training to add to your CV, something that Service Care Solutions as an agency can support you with.

If you are leaving work each evening wanting a change or you are currently out of work and want a new direction, just go to our jobs page and have a look at the roles we have, I am more than happy to speak to anyone who thinks the Housing Sector could provide them with the workplace satisfaction we all crave, a career is a long time so why not spend it doing something you enjoy?? 
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