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Keeping You Informed During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

 Update 26/05/21

We are pleased to say that things have progressed quite significantly in recent weeks in relation to Covid.

We undertook our annual Covid risk-assessment at the start of our new financial year and have been rated, once again, as Covid-Secure. In March, we devised an ‘SCS Covid Roadmap’ which mirrors the stages outlined by the government. This is to manage a phased return to Arthur House as efficiently and safely as possible.

Gyms, restaurants, schools etc. are now fully reopened and Arthur House is starting to get busier with an increasing number of staff beginning their phased return (although working from home is still being encouraged, in line with government guidelines).

With 60 million doses of the vaccine now administered across the UK, let’s hope we are on the road back to the life and normality that we all crave!

Update 16/02/21

Since our last update, we have moved into lockdown and continued our careful measures to protect our staff, our agency workers and every person that we interact with.

Most of our staff are still working remotely and we hope that as the vaccination program gains further momentum that cases will fall, hospital admissions will drop and children can safely return to school as part of the government response to get us out of lockdown.

There is no change for our work – we are still fortunate in being 100% operational albeit through remote working. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and commitment to staying safe and staying well.

Sadly, the mental health impact from the last 12 months will also be hugely significant. The wellbeing of others is of paramount importance and I urge everyone to check in with people and check they are OK. Sometimes just the smallest message can mean a lot to someone.

It is good to see infection rates falling and, when safe to do so, we will return to Arthur House. We do have a handful of staff working at the office due to them being unable to work effectively at home, but we still cannot allow visitors on site. Ultimately, we have to follow government guidance and we look forward to the update on the 22nd February. Stay safe, stay well and check in with others


Update 25/11/20

Since our last update, there has been no change to government advice and there is therefore no change in our stance or policy.

The majority of our staff are working from home and whilst our head office is very much open, we are only allowing staff to work from there if they have a legitimate reason why they cannot work from home.

We are still very busy filling jobs across all of our sectors nationwide and would be very happy to hear from you should you be looking for a job in these tough times – we are here to help!

Update 05/11/20

Following the latest government guidance surrounding a second ‘lockdown’ across England, we have, of course, reassessed and updated our way of working. We have the following update:

We are encouraging all employees and contractors to work from home where possible. However (also in line with the government’s advice), if you cannot work from home effectively (or practically) we suggest that you speak to your line manager (and / or consultant) if you have not already done so, so that we can work together to plan the best way forward for you.

With regards to employees of Service Care Solutions; we are in the fortunate position of not having to enforce any employees to be furloughed. We are able to retain the level of consistently strong service and are here to fulfill your recruitment needs.

The mental and physical health of our employees, candidates and clients is incredibly important to us and we have a good support network in place for those who feel they need help. Although the majority of employees are working from home, we are very much still actively seeking and placing candidates into roles across all of our sectors nationwide.

Thank you, as ever, for your support.

Kind Regards

Richard Freye
Managing Director

 Update 28/09/20

Since our recent update, the risk of a second spike has grown in nature and as a country we are facing extra safety measures, whether it be localised or national.

It is of critical importance to take this risk seriously and reduce risks where you can. Although our head office, Arthur House, has been deemed externally as a 'Covid secure' workplace, we have reiterated the message that if you can work at home, you should, as we continue to support all our employees and wider stakeholders.

As an agency worker, we urge you to stay in regular contact with your consultant and your line manager. If you cannot find details on the C-19 policy of the company / service that you are working for then please speak to your SCS consultant.

If you are looking to give us feedback on our agency workers or need a vacancy filled, we are still working at normal capacity during all working hours, so there should be no change in the quality of our service.

Lastly, I would like to point out to all readers the recent legislative update. Key points are that you must self-isolate if you test positive for C-19 or have been told to self-isolate through the NHS Test & Trace system If you do need to self-isolate, it is a legal requirement to do so. It is imperative that you inform your line manager where you work as well as your agency consultant. Please email your consultant if you test positive or are required to self-isolate. This is important as there are certain procedures we must complete and your email will act as confirmation that you have informed us.

We want everyone to be safe, feel secure and to work together for the common good of protecting ourselves and each other. Please follow government guidance and wear a face mask – it is a safe way to protect others if you are carrying the virus and may not know it.

Thank you

Richard Freye, Managing Director

Update 16/09/20

I am pleased to report that most SCS staff have returned to working from Arthur House in an adapted, Covid Secure Workplace. Having spread our staff over 3 floors instead of 2 and ensuring that we met the requirements of our external assessor, we have been able to bring people back together and safely too.

As I look back across the last six months, we have been through an extreme experience, but we have all worked hard, listened as guidance has come out and adapted to a new normal. I thank all of our staff who worked so hard whilst at home and often in challenging conditions balancing child care needs with work needs. Our support functions worked exceptionally well, demonstrating our business continuity and validating our sustainability. Of course, we would be nothing without the people who trust us to successfully fill their vacancies and the people that find work through us. Thank you to all of you. You have had to change rapidly as circumstances changed, work from home or sometimes not work due to client decisions that mean working has not been possible.

There will be challenges ahead; there are risks of second spikes and a level of uncertainty as time goes by. What I want to confirm though is that, regardless of what circumstances arise, whether you work directly for us at Arthur House in Preston, you rely on us to fill vacancies for you or you find work through us, we will ensure that our service and focus remains uninterrupted for you. We invested in our infrastructure that meant we could work at home in case of disaster, invested to ensure that our data is secure and invested in our people to ensure that we deliver the best that we can. We love what we do and have great pride in what we do – but we recognise that global circumstances are difficult at the moment, but we will remain by your side to help you through. Please contact us to keep in touch and during this pandemic, please, wear the mask, stay safe and adhere to government guidance.

Richard Freye, Managing Director
Update 12/08/20

We are pleased to announce that a 3rd party health and safety assessor has categorised our head office, Arthur House as Covid Secure. We are committed to ensuring that the working environment is to the highest standards during this unprecedented time and will continue to liaise with our advisors Napthens as and when any guidance/situations should change.

Almost all staff were working from home at the start of the pandemic but we started the process of getting people back into the office on the 3rd August and we are slowly adjusting to 'the new normal'. The office has seen significant changes to ensure the environment is as safe as possible. The 'return to office' process will mean that most staff should be back working at Arthur House in the coming weeks.

The Exec Committee wanted to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that we are taking C-19 extremely seriously. They will continue to meet on a weekly basis and we will continue to communicate with you in a transparent manner. We are also closely monitoring changes/guidance from national and local government and will discuss any urgent matters with immediate effect.

Update 16/07/20

People are starting to return to the office now, with strict social distancing measures in place. We are having an independent risk assessment done on Tuesday and we shall communicate the findings and share our next phase to get more staff back into the office.

Update 17/06/20

Firstly, we are hope you are all safe and well.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we have remained fully operational, providing help and support to all candidates and clients that have needed us. We just thought we would 'touch base' to let you know that we are still here for you. 

You will probably be aware that we have been working from home over the last few months following the advice from the government. Our head office is now open for those individuals who wish to work from there. We have, of course, introduced new procedures to ensure social distancing and implemented new cleaning regimes to maintain excellent hygiene. We have installed 'sneeze guards', vastly reduced traffic / deliveries to the office, have spaced out the desks and introduced one way systems to minimise risks. 

Should you have any queries, concerns or would just like a friendly chat, you can contact us here or call 01772 555530 

Update 19/05/20

You can now get a test for Coronavirus if you are displaying any symptoms (and are over the age of five). Click here to find out more information. For the latest Government advice, please click here.  Following the news about employment rates in the UK, we have posted this update and advice

Update 29/4/20

The Government has now opened testing to people over 65 who have symptoms and anyone with symptoms who cannot work from home (e.g. shop workers, delivery drivers or construction workers). As well as this, social care workers, with or without symptoms, can be tested, along with NHS workers without symptoms where there is a clinical need.

Update 28/4/20

The UK Government has updated its guidance on Coronavirus testing, meaning it has now become available for essential workers. If you are classed as an Essential Worker (click here to see if you are), you can request a test in your area (currently available across England and Scotland, we anticipate Wales shortly too) by clicking here. You will be eligible if you or a member of your household are self-isolating due to having COVID-19 symptoms. We welcome this Government update and hope that you make use of the service if you need to, in an effort to protect yourselves and others during this pandemic.

Update 22/4/20

We thought it would be helpful to give you an update from each of our Divisional Leads regarding their markets / services / industries. 

Mental Health Division

As a Mental Health team, we are currently working hard to service both the NHS and private healthcare services to the best of ability. As a result of COVID-19 we have seen a spike in demand for both Mental Health Nurses and Healthcare Assistants / Support Workers and we continue to supply the private sector also. We have been able to allocate additional resource to finding new candidates for our much respected NHS and have further streamlined our compliance procedure to make it even more straightforward for candidates to register with us.

Legal Division 

We are using this time to build a pipeline of candidates ready to be forwarded to roles. In both the public and private sectors, there will be a large influx of roles as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

The areas which are likely to see the largest demands are for Childcare, Adultcare, Private Client and Employment Law.  As we are forecasting high demand for this, we are contacting candidates who would be open to new opportunities in these areas. Initially, these areas will see an increase in predominantly qualified legal professionals, but will then see a demand for support-staff shortly after. New legislation will come about from current circumstances, so we are aiming to be as prepared as possible.

Criminal Justice Division

Our Criminal Justice specialist recruiters remain active and are available to assist candidates and clients in both normal recruitment requirements and the additional demands as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. We are proud to be supporting services to navigate their way through this turbulent time and are committed to working with all services to provide solutions to staffing and recruitment problems which they are facing. Below is a summary of some of the areas where we have high demand at present:

Forensic Mental Health - We currently have a high demand for Healthcare Assistants and Nursing Staff within Secure units.
Prison Services - We have a high demand particularly in Prison Healthcare at present for Nursing staff with previous experience of working in Prisons
Police - Many Police forces have slowed their recruitment at present. However we do still have a number of positions available in particularly for Investigators with a number of roles for the National Crime Agency.
Substance Misuse - We are working with services to support their needs. Our team are presently reaching out to a number of new services to create opportunities for our large candidate database.

Healthcare Division

The healthcare sector is hard to predict at the moment. Many of the non-essential services have been suspended which means staff have been re-directed to tackle Covid-19. When requirements come through to us for Covid-19 related work, they are generally short notice and urgent so we are focused on developing our pool of candidates where possible to help meet these short notice increases in demand.

Probation Division

We are checking up current contractors' welfare by calling them regularly and trying to get approved premises work throughout the country.

Update 24/3/20 

We would like to inform you that following last night's PM advice, all of our staff are now working from home. All systems are fully operational and all phone lines and extension numbers are working as normal. You can find our contact numbers here. Any issues can be escalated to We would like to use this opportunity to ask you to keep yourselves and those around you safe and let us know if there is anything we can do to support you.

For those working in Healthcare, here is a useful article about infection control

Update 19/3/20

This is the latest Government advice for Health Professionals / Healthcare Workers. Please also note that we would like to say a big 'thank you' to all of those who are helping others during this crisis.

Update 18/3/2020

In light of the recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to reach out to you with some positive news and to reassure you that our business operations are proceeding as normal here at Service Care Solutions. 

Our people are incredibly important to us and we are conscious of taking care of those who work for us directly and, of course, our candidates and clients. We will continue to adhere to Government guidelines (and our exec. committee are meeting on a regular basis to ensure that careful and considered decisions are being made in the best interests of everybody) and we are on hand during our normal business hours to offer advice.

Sustainability is one of our core values and is evident throughout our business operations. Our Business Continuity Plan ensures that procedures are firmly in place to adapt and, should home-working be required, we are very well-equipped to do this. We have a robust Disaster Recovery Plan in place, which is regularly tested and updated.

We will continue to work as your partner during a period that many of you may find testing; please let us know if you require extra support, either on a professional or personal level.

We will, of course, be in touch if there are any further developments but please call us on 01772 555530 should you have any questions at all.

Kind Regards,
Richard Freye
Managing Director



As you will have heard by now through various media channels, there has been some cases of Coronavirus confirmed in the UK. Given the news surrounding the global health emergency of COVID-19 we just wanted to get in touch just to reiterate a few key points.

There really is no need to panic but obviously we care about our contractors and wouldn't want you to put your health (or the health of those around you) at risk. If you think you may have been exposed to the virus or feel unwell please follow the Government guidelines.

Should you be suffering from any of the symptoms, please call NHS 111 as soon as you can and follow their advice.

You will also need to let your Service Care Solutions consultant know as soon as possible should you need to self-isolate or if you are too unwell to attend work.