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Katy Moxham, Recruitment Consultant, ServiceCareSolutions

Katy Moxham

Recruitment Consultant
Katy graduated from University of Leicester in 2016 with a 2:1 in English with a Year Abroad. She also lived in Amsterdam for a year studying Humanities. She joined Service Care Solutions in October 2016 in the mental health department recruiting mental health professionals on an adhoc basis for the South West of England. Katy prides herself on her excellent customer service and her ability to build strong relationships with others.

In her spare time Katy enjoys travelling to different places, socialising and playing with her new Cavapoo puppy! If you are based in the South West of England and are looking for work within the Mental Health sector on an adhoc basis don’t hesitate to give Katy a call on 01772 208963

I'm currently recruiting for 7 jobs