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What do George W Bush, Lewis Hamilton and John Neary have in common (we're sure most of you will be the familiar the first two names and we're hoping at least some of you will be familiar with the third)?

The answer... November 27th 2008 was a special date in each of their careers: George Bush was President of the United States, Lewis Hamilton had just won his first F1 title and John Neary had just joined Service Care Solutions to build the Social Work desk! There were only six employees at the time, compared to the 108 that currently work for SCS.

Today is his 10 year anniversary with the company, which also equates to 520 weeks, 3652 days or even 87,648 hours! John has worked extensively placing Social Work staff into locum positions throughout the country. He has seen many changes in the field and has the knack of recognising staff requirements, usually before the managers do! Being in the sector for so long, John has built fantastic relationships with certain services and can be relied upon by certain Local Authorities to meet demanding requirements.

Richard Freye, Managing Director of Service Care Solutions, comments, "On behalf of SCS and the board, I would like to congratulate John on his 10 year anniversary. Our vision of long term sustainability is encompassed in milestones such as these and John is a huge asset to the company. He has been a cornerstone of innovation and has demonstrated first-hand the benefits of integrating into the marketplace."

As part of the company's Welfare and Values Review (a scheme introduced by SCS that focuses on employee satisfaction and well-being), John has received money towards a gift of his choice and will hold a party for him and his colleagues to mark this milestone.

A big thank you from us all John, here's to the next 3652 days!

Pictured above: Sammy Linford, Stuart Quinn, Jonathan Church, John Neary and Richard Freye

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