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5k Everyday for High 5!

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Why did I decide to do the challenge?

Like lots of others during lockdown, I found myself running out of things to do, and with that came a bit of a lack of purpose. I spent most of the time in isolation doing DIY projects or decorating – I’ve now run out of rooms to repaint! I needed something to get me up and out achieving something every day.

Once upon a time I couldn’t even run to the end of the road – a few years ago I started running a few times a week and completed the Manchester 10k but the fitness is so easily lost if you don’t keep it up. I’d go through patches where I’d go a few times a week, then I’d have a week off and just never really get anywhere with it and became a little disheartened.

Why did I choose to run for High Five?

I live in Chorley so it’s nice to support a very local charity especially at the moment where so much fundraising has had to be halted. It’s an amazing cause run by parents and I imagine small charities need lots of help at the moment more than ever! Luckily, I’ve had some really generous donations so I’m hopeful that we can raise a good amount to make a difference!

How have I found the challenge so far and how have I motivated yourself?

I’ve actually been really surprised at how I’ve found it. I fully expected myself to get a few days in and wish I’d never started, I was convinced I’d be aching, hobbling up and down the stairs every day and complaining about it to everyone about how I couldn’t be bothered and how I was wanting the end of the month to hurry along.

The truth is, I’m really loving it and I’m 99% sure I’m going to carry on running (maybe not EVERY day!) when the month is over! I had a stint of about 3-4 days when I really found it physically tough, my time was slow, my feet were really sore but thanks to the magic of Compeed (on my colleague's Mark Arthur’s recommendation) I felt like my feet had grown a second skin and I was running on clouds (will definitely need to buy some new running trainers soon though….)

On the days I struggled I also had tough love from another colleague Sarah Farrimond (!) who sent me a few 5:30am messages to make sure I was up and out, and tell me to “just get on with it” a few times when I was procrastinating!

I’ve started to realise how little time it takes and how many stints of 30 minutes I achieve absolutely nothing throughout the day. I’m currently on day 20 and I have knocked nearly a whole minute off my time per kilometre, and I’m honestly finding it pretty easy. I don’t understand why my legs aren’t aching at all but I’m not going to complain about that!

I am aiming to raise around £500 for the charity and have done this through a sweepstake-style challenge and via Just Giving.

For more information on High Five and the amazing work they do, click here.

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