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A Guide to Gluten Free Living in Preston

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If you are reading this, then you’re most likely looking for a glimmer of light in this murky business that we call the 'gluten free diet'. It’s not all doom and gloom however; despite Preston not having as many choices as the ‘big cities’ nearby like Manchester and Liverpool, there still are plenty of places you can grab something on the go or sit down and get stuck in.

So whether you’re Coeliac (like myself), have an intolerance, or you’re simply eating gluten free as a lifestyle choice - hopefully the below will help you when you’re next lucky enough to find yourself in Preston City Centre.

Dine-In options (pre / post Covid of course):

Cafuné South American Café (dine in and takeaway)

One of the best and ‘least stressful’ places you can go for some gluten free food in Preston is Cafuné. They have a complete understanding of cross contamination and coeliac disease, so you can sit down and relax without the storm cloud brewing over your head about the potential consequences of your quick lunch. They offer an extensive menu (both breakfast and lunch), with most of it either being already gluten free, or adaptable to be made gluten free. The ‘Llapingachos’ are great at breakfast, and any of the ‘Arepas’ go down a treat at lunch. There are even gluten free pancakes available. Be sure to wash whatever you get down with a coffee – it’s liquid gold!

If you are from Preston, you will be well aware of Coco’s, as it is rated one of the highest places to eat in Preston on TripAdvisor and has a serious cult following. If you’re not – stop reading and go there now! Don’t be fooled by its exterior, as no matter what you order, you will be served a plate of food so good it will put you off your mums cooking. The gluten free options available change frequently, so be sure to ask when you go in what GF choices are available when you go.

We Don’t Give a Fork (dine in and takeaway)

One of my favourite places to go for GF food in Preston is We Don’t Give a Fork - they make an outrageous burger! They have a menu that is littered with unconventional burgers that you didn’t know that you needed in your life (the Chinese burger has prawn crackers on it)! In addition, they have a complete understanding of allergens/Coeliac, and really do go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t end up soaked in a big puddle of regret afterwards.

Bistrot Pierre (dine in only)

Located in the converted church on Fishergate, Bistrot Pierre offers a great selection of gluten free French cuisine (most of the menu). They even go as far as having separate toasters for any bread that may need toasting (e.g. dipping bread for starters etc), and they really make you feel at ease so you can relax and enjoy your meal… the wine helps with that too though!

Pizza Express (dine in and takeaway)

Just like every other branch in the UK, gluten free pizza and pasta is available in the Preston restaurant. Also, all of the flour used is gluten free flour to minimise cross contamination. Pizza Express is certified by Coeliac UK as a safe place to eat.

On the go:

Marks & Spencer Food (Fishergate)

One place that you can always rely on to grab some gluten free munch on the go, is M&S. If you’re ever in a new city, you know you can always pull out Google maps and find one within walking distance and get your hands on something. Sure, nobody likes paying just under £4 for a sandwich, but as you know – it’s not a cheap life!

In addition to a great selection of wraps and sandwiches, they also have a great selection of food that you can take home cook. As well as the gluten free section, a lot of food mixed in with the ‘normal’ food is gluten free – so it’s worth checking everything!


Despite the UK being one of the few places in Europe to still not stock gluten free buns to allow people with Coeliac Disease or gluten intolerances to get the ‘full’ McDonalds experience, you can still order a burger with no bun and have it with chips. It’s far from glamorous, and you may get some very funny looks when you start eating your burger with the plastic knife and fork that they provide you – but it’s (arguably) still worth it. You can also do similar with the breakfast McMuffins, but swap the muffin out for two hash browns – which is quite possibly better than the real thing (see below)

Hopefully that was helpful and somebody can benefit from reading this. Places are constantly evolving and starting to offer more and more choices, so keep an eye out because new things keep popping up! If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to send me an email (below), and I will get back to you.

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