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During the current socio-economic climate, there is a lot of negativity, uncertainty, stress and general disruption within our lives. This may be having an impact on you or it may not. However, to brighten up your day I have put 7 (my favourite number) ‘Alex facts’, I hope these will make you say wow or just smile!

An introduction to the phrase ‘Alex fact’. My team in the office (miss you all) quite often talk about weird and wonderful things. I (Alex) would say a factoid that is loosely associated with this conversation. Most of these are so random that the team and I do not know if they are actually 100% true. Thus the ‘Alex fact’ was born.

To increase the authenticity of the below ‘Alex facts’ I have tried to find links to support them.

1. Which animal has the best super powers? The Mantis Shrimp of course! (Let me know if you find any contenders)

The mantis shrimp has up to 16 different colour receptors in its eyes, humans have 3. Imagine what a rainbow would look like to a mantis shrimp!

This isn’t even the coolest part! The Mantis Shrimps super power/weapons are 2 spikes on the front of it which it can flick out with such force the water around it boils creating a shockwave so powerful it can create light and even plasma (the 4th state of matter, look it up its cool). This shockwave will then knock limbs off the prey without the mantis ever touching it! Crazy! This is why the Mantis Shrimp already has a great Super Name… The Thumb Splitter (this is there actual nickname).

They have more features than a Lamborghini! Take a look at here and here for more info.

2. Did you know every Planet in our solar system could fit in the space between earth and the moon?

The total diameter for all the planets is a whopping 380,008 km and the distance between Earth and the moon is 384,400 km they all fit in with just 1% of a gap left over! 

3. One to try with the pet! Most balls held in a dog’s mouth. Recently Finley the Golden Retriever from New York has achieved a new world record. By holding not 1, not 2 but 6 Tennis balls in their mouth! There is also an older record that may be more achievable (but not much), 7 ping pong balls in a dogs mouth set in 1987.

4. If Jesus earned $150,000 a day since he was born and was still alive today he would not be as rich as Jeff Bezos!!

Jesus would have 150,000 x 2020 x 365 = $110,595,000,000
Jeff Bezos is current worth = $143,000,000,000 – Wow!

5. More of a helpful tip than a factoid. Did you know that the fuel light on the car tells you which side the fuel cap is on?

The above image has the fuel arrow on the right side so you know which pump to pull up to and not look silly!

6. Did you know as you breathe, most of the air is going in and out of one nostril? Every few hours, the workload shifts to the other nostril!


7. A group of Hedgehogs is called a prickle!

Although Hedgehogs mostly live in solitude, you may come across a few together. Now you can say: ‘Hey, look, a prickle of Hedgehogs’. I hope you enjoyed 7 of my ‘Alex facts’. If you have any other weird, wonderful or just plain old random facts please add a comment!

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