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We place a lot of value on blogs here at Service Care Solutions as they provide interesting and informative content whilst driving traffic to our site. We have such a diverse, experienced and knowledgeable employee base so it's great to get everyone involved and learn about more about them, their interests or their market.

Here are some top tips for blog writing:

Be Helpful

This types of blog posts will provide value to your audience and help you establish authority and credibility. Examples if these include:
  • How-to posts - By going through a process of getting something done, your readers can leave feeling like they've learned something and that you have given them added value.
  • 'Top Tip' posts - Pretty much like this blog! You are obviously reading this because blogging is something you would like to do or something that you need help with: try to think of something you know a lot about and go from there.
  • Ultimate Guide posts - These types of posts should provide readers with a comprehensive and detailed topic. From football to films, everyone is into something quite specific and I'm sure you will be too!
  • Definition posts - In any industry, there is always a little jargon associated with the work, products, markets. Maybe there's an emerging trend that most people don't know about... this is a great way to establish your thought-leadership and expertise in your space.
  • Stats posts - This will be a way to pull together lots of data and present it in a quick, easy, digestible format 
  • A Case Study / Day in the life -  Tell people what to expect in a certain job role or do an overview of a work project you have done
  • Fun Facts - Keep your post punchy and informative by creating a list of interesting facts.

Be Human 

These days we have an awful lot of 'interaction' with what are, essentially, robots - whether it be chat-bots or automated telephone lines. Blogging is your chance to humanise your brand - examples of what you could write about include:
  • Holiday posts - where do you like to travel?
  • Behind-the scenes posts - show people what goes on in your office day to day
  • Guard-down posts - have you experienced a profound life event that you are comfortable sharing?
  • Off-topic posts - you may feel the need to always link content to your business somehow but if your readers have become accustomed to the type of blogs you write, this blog format can surprise and engage them
Be Controversial 

There may be a fine line here but I think businesses shouldn't be afraid to voice a certain opinion if it makes sense for the brand and is of enough importance. They could include debate posts, opinion posts, prediction posts or reaction posts.

Be Entertaining 

Have a bit of fun with your readers. Examples of what you could do include:
  • Story posts
  • Meme posts - create your own meme here
  • Parody posts
  • Funny posts
  • Create a quiz

Be Timely 

If you start a weekly blog, make sure you follow it through and stick to it - it takes commitment and hard work to keep things up to date but if you don't, it could be a poor reflection on your business. Another thing to be aware of is the timing of your posts. If, for example, there is an economic downturn or high rates of unemployment (Covid-19 - I'm talking about you!), it may not be wise to do a blog about a golf day you and your team have enjoyed! On the other hand, it could be a great time to offer help and advice where possible - we recently did a blog offering top tips for CVs, for example. Other ideas include:
  • Commentary on a latest news story
  • A post about an awareness day / week / month
  • Film or book reviews

I hope that has given you some food for thought and that you may have a few more ideas when it comes to blogging moving forward.

We are currently recruiting, so if you are looking for work at present, please get in touch to see how we can help you.
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