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On the eve of arguably the most significant democratic vote of our lifetime, the uncertainty of what the future holds for our great nation is something which is difficult for some to fully comprehend. To write a blog on such a matter would perhaps fuel the realisation that tomorrows vote will shape the lives of even my remote future family and generations thereafter. Possibly by recording the key themes of the debate in poem format I may somehow achieve the composure required to make an informed decision tomorrow…

So who will miss us if we left the EU?
Would the French shriek “sacré bleu!”
Concepts of love and peace, in favour of staying
EU derived laws, free movement games we are playing
Johnson and Farage argue poorer to richer
Turkey the ball of a scaremongering pitcher
Cameron and Corbyn set aside their curses 
In fear of an exodus of overseas doctors and nurses
What will the Leave do to our Economy and Pound
“Mass migration, house prices, tax credits” such a deafening sound!
Debates of the "Norway model" and Transatlantic Trade
Guidance we seek through the House of Commons aid
Will our exit result in the promised level playing field?
Or provide politicians with a failure protected shield.
And as Osbourne petrifies with his black hole in finances
The curtain is closing on our EU Council romances
In which the English language tends to be the most common 
Married no more, effecting every British man and woman
Should our next step result in failure or falter 
Disaster for British territories, such as Bermuda and Gibraltar
If you are unsure on whether or not to vote
Don’t use not knowing as your scapegoat
So if I spoil my ballot paper or abstain
Will the vote be counted for Remain? 
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