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We try and do our little bit for Charity at SCS and one of the charitable events we participated in yesterday, was a bake sale. I must say, if you enjoy cake as much as we do, stop reading now… Baked Blueberry Cheesecake, Death-by-chocolate cake, a Victoria Sponge of epic proportions, Malteaser Cake, Chocolate Guinness Cake, Carrot Cake, White chocolate cheesecake and a variety of delicious cupcakes were just the start of it. We even had Sara’s Cake Heaven (which if you haven’t tried, you really should) donate some of her scrumptious cupcakes to our bake sale. It didn’t stop there, oh no, add to that impressive list, brownies, cookies, protein bars, biscuits and scones! What a magnificent feast to help us over the mid-week Wednesday hump!

Some companies build gym’s for their staff to use so we were not exactly supporting a “Healthy Workforce” by encouraging office obesity… We did put them on the top floor though so people would have to climb some stairs before stuffing their faces…. and perfectly timed for the start of the Great British Bake Off… what were we thinking?!? Well, we were thinking of maximising how much we’d raise by choosing the day most of us would be in the office, falling on the GBBO start date was just a happy coincidence. Plus it meant that us cake-lovers could enjoy an assortment of mouth-watering desserts before GBBO had us racing to the supermarket along with everyone else in search of cake, to only be left with the duds!

So, we’ve established that we spent the day scoffing cake yesterday, big whoop I hear you say. Well actually it is a pretty big whoop – because in the process we raised over £300.29 - just from cake. And Service Care Solutions have decided to match the funds raised meaning we’ve totted up a massive total of £600.58 for charity!!!! So… We get to eat cake AND raise some money for a worthwhile cause: Win-Win!

And the charity receiving cake-funded £600.58 are Derian House Children’s Hospice. They’re a local hospice who for the past 23 years have been doing some fantastic and downright incredible work in the North West with children, young people and their families. Derian House is one of the nominated charities SCS donate to regularly & what they do genuinely amazes us. We hope our little contribution helps them keep being amazing.
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