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Can Love Islanders handle recruitment?

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If like me, you are completely addicted to this year’s series of Love Island, then I am sure you have many opinions on the contestants. Those opinions often come out when we sit down in the morning and have a good chat about the previous night’s episode. One afternoon my mind drifted from my busy work schedule (much to the delight of my manager) onto how I thought the contestants would handle a day in the recruitment industry. So here goes… Can they build relationships with other people? Sure they can, as long as the people ‘go gym’ and have a strict diet of chicken and avocado. I feel Kem would have no problem picking up the phone to a potential candidate and immediately building up rapport. However, could he close the deal? As Amber said, he does not wear the trousers, so maybe he would struggle! What about Sam. He would speak so much that candidates would not get a word in! Sure, they would like him, but would they have time to spend speaking to Sam when they only get 30minutes for lunch! Olivia and Montana didn’t have much time for him! Could they handle the rejection?

I’m going with no. The producers don’t exactly pick contestants that have had a life of rejection, do they? I’m picturing Chris being let down by a client, who decides to pick another candidate over his, or a girl deciding to pick another man over him (Muggy Mike). Evidence suggests he wouldn’t take this very well! Whereas Montana on the other hand, rejection seems to be her thing. She would just pick up the phone, forget about Dom and Simon, and try find another client!

Would they be able to source the right candidate?

I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem finding the right person… on paper. I can see Camilla going into a lot of depth when screening her candidates, delving into each and every job they have ever had, finding out the reasons for leaving, did they get along with their manager, would they leave her after 4 weeks…Dom found the right candidate very quickly, unfortunately it appears his candidate turned down the offer, and found a more attractive offer elsewhere.

Could they be a problem solver?

There is one man who could solve all problems. This man could solve space travel, he could wear double denim and get away with it, he could even fix Jonny and Camilla! Marcel is the problem solver all offices need. Chris would just talk about polar bears and houmous, make no sense at all, but still manage to solve the problem. Olivia would make the problem worse and Tyla wouldn’t understand what’s going on.

Could they work on the phones?

As the contestants are ‘Millennials’ they are accustomed to spending the vast majority of their lives on a phone. Unfortunately, they would fail in this particular environment, as our phones don’t have filters or a camera for selfies.

Could they handle the fast-paced environment?

Let’s be honest, there is one person who doesn’t like anything to be fast paced, and that is Camilla. She would be a thinker, a strategist, a contemplator. While she is doing all of this, fast paced Tyla would be rushing in to steal her candidate and fill the vacancy!

In conclusion, I’m sure a select few of the contestants would suit working in recruitment. The industry is very fast paced and if you don’t act fast, you can miss out on an opportunity. Recruitment consultants need to be very flexible to the demands of their clients and candidates. They need to be able to change their approach to provide the best possible service.

Although I might be stereotyping a lot in this blog, I’ve tried to highlight the attributes needed to make a good consultant, and in my eyes the recruitment industry is very similar to Love Island in one clear way. You either love it, or you hate it!
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