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Considering it’s such a happy event filled with your nearest and dearest, planning a wedding is renowned for being one of the most stressful things you can do! Throw in a global pandemic a couple of months before you’re due to tie the knot and those stress levels are definitely sent through the roof!

As devastating as it is to realise that the most anticipated day of your life isn’t going to go ahead just yet, there really are worse things going on in the world right now. And let’s face it, who wants to be wedding dieting on lockdown anyway?!

Once I got past the initial few meltdowns, I realised that I was going to need to move fast. With so many weddings cancelled at one of the busiest times of the year, a lot of suppliers were going to be getting booked up.

Here are a few tips I have for Brides and Grooms needing to rearrange due to Coronavirus:

Step 1: Contact your Venue/ Church to check their stance on postponing. Can your balance be carried over to a new date? Are there any additional fees? You may need to contact your Wedding insurance if they are charging more or refusing deposits to be honoured! If they are able to move your date, check which dates they have available. We wanted to get married this year so I asked our venue which dates they had left from September onwards.

Step 2: I then sent an email to all of our suppliers, explaining that we were needing to postpone and including all dates provided by our venue. I asked whether we would be able to move our bookings and if so which dates they could do.

Step 3: Whilst waiting for your suppliers to come back to you, try not to stress too much as it’s out of your hands right now! Bear in mind that some of the people you have been dealing with may have been furloughed with working in the hospitality industry so keep your eyes peeled for any out of office responses. There should be an alternative point of contact. Bear with them as much as you can as they will likely be dealing with lots of amendments right now.

Step 4: The responses from your suppliers should start coming through, we were lucky and heard back from most within 48 hours! I then sat down and crossed referenced which dates they were all still available for. There was one stand out date for us luckily, but we did have to sacrifice a Saturday wedding for a Friday one.

Step 5: Contact your closest family members and bridal party to check that they can make the new date. Some may need to check with their employers that they can have the date off.

Step 6: As soon as you know that the most important people can be there, contact your suppliers to secure your date! They should send through updated contracts and payment deadlines. I honestly can’t fault our suppliers – we managed to rebook everyone for the new date (with the exception of a make up artist – I’ll stress about that one later!)

Step 7: Start to contact the rest of your guests. Decide whether you want to ask guests that had said no previously. We decided against this as we only had a few that couldn’t attend initially and we didn’t think this would change with a new date. Accept that some of your guests may not able to be there, perhaps if they can’t make the daytime they could join for the Evening reception? We also decided against sending new invites because, let’s face it, no one knows what will happen and we may have to go through the whole process again! Our locations and timings have luckily stayed the same too.

Step 8: Make any other suppliers aware e.g. Bridal shops, seamstresses, jewelers. Make sure you get these rearranged when normal life resumes!

Step 9: Update anything that has your old date on, perhaps leave it out this time! Luckily we hadn’t got round to finalising favours and our seating plan just yet!

Step 10: Sit back, see what happens and try to stay positive! Your day will happen eventually and what a party it will be!

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