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When I graduated from LJMU, the daunting process of obtaining a Graduate position started. I started working for a Sales company where I was given great careers prospects but better still good commission! After working there for several months, despite earning lots of £’s (my reason for getting into sales) I realised that there was still something missing.

It was then I decided to look for a new position where there is a positive company culture where the management genuinely care about my progression and growth within the company, where I will be treated as a valued member of the company. Working for a sales company was the last thing on my agenda.

A friend recommended working in Recruitment, which in my head was another sales company, likely to be a negative cut-throat company. At first I was reluctant to even consider talking about the position due to my perceptions, but she started working for Service Care Solution and told me that she was enjoying it, her colleagues were nice and so was the free lunch! She sounded so upbeat and positive I decided to apply.

I was interviewed by a Team Leader to a Head of Division and the Managing Director and even I tried to trip them up into telling me the company culture isn’t what it seemed to me, but they never faltered.

Fast forward five months and I genuinely love working for Service Care Solutions, every Consultant, Team Leader, Divisional Managers, Head of Division, even the Director still greets you as warmly as they did on my first day. I can always ask as many questions as I want and they will all be available to help even the Director himself!

So what is it about the SCS company culture that has kept me here, you ask?

• Happiness – It is radiated from colleagues across all divisions.
• Values – The values are emanated from Consultant to the Executive committee.
• Mission - The company mission is achieved by listening to our candidates, clients, and even us the employees. For example, we have a suggestion box where you can make a named or anonymous suggestion about anything to improve company practices or to even to have some company showers!
• Team Work – Team meetings are held in the boardroom which is an open forum for us to discuss solutions and future plans.
• Feedback and reviews – The monthly reviews provides a platform to suggest changes, address issues and goals as CPD is a biggie for organic growth.

Finally, I found a position where not only do I earn good money, I get to work for a company where you are treated as a valued member of the team, where no question is out of your pay bracket, where you have a relaxed thorough training in your first month, where you have a supportive Team Leader who will always help you, and genuinely cares that you are meeting your targets and that you are having a good day.

If you’re considering Recruitment, might I suggest sending in your C.V and see for yourself.

P.S. the banter is great!
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