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One meltdown, two meltdown, three meltdown, four. Five meltdown, six meltdown, seven meltdowns more…

Imagine this time last year, someone came up to you and said that a virus is going to take over the world, your shopping is going to be capped and you will be made to stay indoors for months to social distance. You probably would have laughed so hard and told them where to go.

Joking aside, this is happening. It is not your imagination or a wild nightmare, we are the COVID 19 generation and this will go down in history!

During this pandemic, it has made me wonder how the human mind works. In just over 3 weeks, we have all turned into DIY experts and apparently could give Finch Bakery a run for their money. I know this because I visited my local super market, there was no sign of flour and the numerous amount of cakes I see on Instagram. Is this another way to show we are 'living our best lives, Insta-style' or just boredom?

Anyway, the human mind is a very complicated place, but we’re all the same really. Unable to spend our money, so we decorate our homes and not to mention how we are all turning into Alan Titchmarsh. I was never interested in my fence panels but now all I can think about is what shade of grey they need to be to match the flowers that I will never invest in. There is even an online virtual queue to get on to the B&Q website! What’s that all about?

One thing I am starting to miss is a Quarter Pounder with extra onion. The last time I stood in McDonald’s I was made to stand in my own zone, in between the lines of black and yellow stuck to the floor. I stood tapping away on one of those self-service machines ordering my food, which is ironic really with the amount of rumours I have heard about the hygiene on those screens. Gross!

Let’s talk TikToks! Own up. How many of you have done them? Whenever you are feeling miserable, you are secretly looking back at your private videos laughing at how much of a comedian you are. I feel sorry for my cat, Simba. I got the impression that he missed us when we were out at work all day but now, he has simply had enough of being the star of the show. I do not blame him really, it must be borderline abuse.

Finally, what has really made me laugh is this one hour's exercise malarkey. Apparently, we are allowed out for 1 hour's exercise. However, it has been known for people sun bathing in public places; such as the park. So, I can’t help but wonder, if you lie on your back in a park for a sunbathe and lift your leg up every so often, is this acceptable? You be the judge.

On a serious note, stay safe, wash your hands, this will all be over soon.

I work on the Healthcare desk at Service Care, and am currently recruiting for a wide variety of roles, from Physiotherapist and RGNs to Health Care Assistant. If you are looking for job, or are looking to source staff, please contact me here or call me on 01772 208961.
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