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On Thursday 4th April, the British public were waking up and going about their business. It was colder that morning, especially in the north of England and Scotland. There was frost on our cars – yet another job to do before we head off out.

As we browsed social media or put on the television we were immediately bombarded with the news that the 7000th vote on a Brexit related matter had come and gone. You’d think we’d be used to this by now, and I suppose we are. We’re used to vote after vote taking place on one motion or another, and yet we still know absolutely nothing about what this latest vote means, or what MP’s backing a delay bill actually entails.

The word “delay” is probably not going to do down very well either, as studies show the British public just want Brexit to be over with. More to the point, most people seem to be past caring. ‘I newspaper’ recently conducted a poll, which suggested that the majority of British people don’t care about the content of any deal or no deal, they just want it over with:

“The poll, conducted among over 2,000 adults by ORB… found that the majority of British citizens want politicians to ‘get on with it’ when it comes to Brexit. The results suggest the public care more about a deal being struck than the content of the deal itself.”

After the first extension was formalised on March 29th 2019, a Brexit protester was quoted saying “Parliament represents the people and they betrayed us today and I’m not happy about that at all.” Asked what it means if Brexit doesn’t end up taking place the protestor replied: “British democracy is dead”, but surely elected members voting on content, voting on the particulars, the process taking a long time or longer than expected… that’s what democracy looks like isn’t it?

The dictionary definition of ‘Democracy’ is “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” And that’s what’s happening, the elected members are voting on the content surrounding Brexit, which itself was an act of democracy. True; many people weren’t happy with the result, and many more aren’t happy with how it has been handled since June 2016. But we should count ourselves fortunate. Under a different political system, let’s say, a dictatorship, this would never have happened. You, me, anybody legible to vote, would never have been given a choice. Not just on Brexit, but on anything – we’d have to do as we were told.

So yeah, it’s a pain, but it could be a lot worse.
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