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Derian House Bake Sale - Update

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So, do you recall Stuart’s rambling about cakes not so long ago? If not, you can find the link here.
Well, last week a couple of us from Service Care’s charity committee, headed up by Paul, went down to go and meet with Derian House and present them with the cheque for the £612.60p we raised. Those cheesy grins you see were a mixture of excitement from sharing ideas for future fundraising events, contentment from eating delicious biscuits over a cuppa, and happiness from learning more about the amazing work that our fundraising is assisting with.

Joanne, Community Fundraising Manager, gave us a tour of Derian House and the lodge, and I can’t lie, it surprised us with how vibrant and fun-filled it was. To be honest, on the drive over there, we were a bit anxious about going into a children’s hospice, but that was quashed within seconds of stepping into the reception. Colourful displays, hanging lanterns and resident-made artwork lined the hallways, giving us a warm and inviting welcome.

We got the opportunity to see displays of some of the programmes offered by Derian to those in need of their services, and the areas that host much-needed hydrotherapy, sensory, play and music therapy sessions, as well as the rooms that provide families of ill children, some respite. We also had the chance briefly chat with, and see at work, their care team - which included nurses and physiotherapists, who were some of the loveliest people I’ve spoken with.

Through our tour, we were also shown the more serious side of the work done by Derian, with their sunshine rooms for end-of-life care and a chapel lined with the faces of those who they helped, but have sadly passed. It was incredibly moving seeing the vast number of faces, of lives who’ve been helped by the staff at Derian House, and hearing how their families still visit and attend their “forget-me-not” ceremonies.

When it was time for us to finish our visit, I wasn’t the only one that didn’t want to leave. It is by far one of the most fun buildings we have had the pleasure to visit, far removed from our initial thoughts of what visiting a hospice would be like! Not only were we sad to leave a building which reminded us all of the fun and adventures that come with childhood, but we were bidding farewell to a bunch of talented and passionate staff that are doing tremendous work.
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