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Dry January? Completed it Mate!

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The end. We are now well into February and I am happy to announce that I successfully completed dry January. A full month of not drinking was a challenge but it was well worth it, I feel much better in myself and realised that not everything revolves around alcohol. I was able to train more for my marathon and also did a few hikes in the Lake District.

I have been able to save well over £200 in January and been focused more on myself and achieving the goals that I want to achieve. However that first sip of a pint of lager was very nice I must admit, I would recommend anyone to give this a go to challenge themselves and can guarantee you will 100% better once completed.

Just because I'm now enjoying a few pints, it doesn't mean that I'm not working just as hard as ever! If you would like to speak to me regarding any roles in social work, please call me on 01772 208964 or email me.
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