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Dry January - Part 2 - Halfway There!

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I am now just under half way into January and I have not had any alcohol, when I first decided to do this challenge I thought it was going to be easy - surely cutting a few pints out here and there and a few shots of Sambuca could be easy right?

#ThrowbackThursday to boozier times...

Well….. the first weekend was quite hard as normally I would be in the pub. I still went - however I was the designated driver and drank lime and soda!

As I am currently training for the London Marathon it gave me more focus on this; I was able to run further and faster whilst feeling fresh every weekend. In addition to this I have saved a lot of money - I'm guesstimating well over £100 by now...

I am confident I will not be tempted to have a alcoholic drink in the next 2 weeks, but watch this space to find out!

Of course, I am still on my 'A' Game this month (not that I'm ever on my 'B' Game...) so please feel free to give me a call on 01772 208964 or drop me a line if you are looking for work or need Social Work staff.
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