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Elissa talks Grit and Determination

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Earlier this month it was International Stress Awareness Week and we felt it was important in today's often frenetic and fast-paced world (and in our industry) to mark it.

Instead of just posting a blog with tips to beat stress or sharing a link to a helpful article, we invited a guest speaker to our Quarterly Awards who we thought could show our team how she had overcome stress to get the most out of life.

Elissa Corrigan is fresh out of Bear Grylls Treasure Island and appeared on the Channel 4 TV Show which aired last month - a woman of true determination and grit, we knew she was well-placed to give our hard-working sales staff a bit of a pep talk. Elissa started out life as a journalist and was immersed the fiercely competitive world of tabloid newspapers, seedy stories and back-stabbing to get the front page.


She no doubt cut her (rather sharp) teeth in this competitive environment and as she began to get to know the newly emerging reality starts of the noughties (whilst appearing on the show Desperate Scousewives) she got requests to be a ghost writer for a number of autobiographies. Elissa also nurtured her passion for health and wellbeing by organising a highly popular succession of retreats (The Life Lab Retreat), both in the UK and abroad, where she passed on her advice on how to forge an iron-clad mindset, along with educating people on nutrition and wellness.


This opened up more and more opportunities for her and eventually she got the chance to interview Ant Middleton, of SAS Who Dares Wins fame. When he mentioned that she should come on the show (as the 2019 intake included females), she admitted that there was only one show that she had ever wanted to do - Bear Grylls Treasure Island. This involved being dropped on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a machete, one day's water supply and the clothes she was standing up in with 11 other contestants. Not only this, but this year they added £100,000 into the mix; the islanders had to play strategic mind games when they found the pots of money - adding to the fractious and stressful atmosphere.

Elissa regaled us with stories of the horrendous thirst, hunger, heat, exhaustion (and sandfly bites!) but one thing that really shone through was her determination and passion to steel her mindset in order to reduce the stress in her life. She said when she applied for the show there was not one seed of doubt in her mind that she would get chosen - and she was obviously right; there were around 50,000 applicants and she was successful.

Elissa spoke to our staff about how putting your body through difficult tasks (both physical and mental) can make day to day life so much easier. Not only did she take on the Island this year but she also ran a 10k BAREFOOT (her words - "Because I can do a run standing on my head so I wanted to make it a challenge") and consequently trekked 50km of the Great Wall of China in aid of the charity One Woman at a Time.

We would like to thank Elissa for joining us to mark Stress Awareness Week; we asked her to select a charity for us to make a donation to on her behalf and she chose the very worthy charity One Woman at a Time. If even one ounce of her positivity and steely mindset permeates into our team we will be going into 2020 at an even higher level than we had planned!

If you would like to work for a company that values personal growth and does things a bit differently, please email our HR team or call 01772 555530. To contact Elissa for advice or information please email her here.
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