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Employee Appreciation Day

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Employee Appreciation Day was on Friday and I wanted to mark the occasion by putting a few words together and also by treating all our staff based at Arthur House to a free breakfast of their choice (here are Morgan and Mel from the Healthcare Team enjoying theirs!)


In reality, every employee should know that they are appreciated, the value of their contribution and have confidence that their goals and development are taken seriously. Thinking about Employee Appreciation Day, I cannot help but reflect on our budgeting 2 years ago, when we really bolstered our training and development budget and introduced PDR’s across the business.

The quality of our employees, their development and progression is of the utmost importance to SCS. I often talk about ‘the journey’. This reflects the journey that people go on at SCS – many of whom are here for over 5 years and receive our 5 year service benefits. A few recently have received our 10 year benefits and I am looking forward to the result of our Welfare & Values Review being rolled out soon too.

I believe that what underpins any appreciation is care. Care for your team, care for how they are and if they are OK. Our work with Lancashire MIND has been really valuable in helping to look after the people who work at SCS and I think we can continue to build on this.

 I agree that good people are hard to find – but it’s about ensuring that you are clear as an employer about your values and matching people up to these.  

If you would like to work for a company that values its staff, please get in touch to hear about our latest vacancies.
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