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We think it's super important to recognise and reward achievements and exceptional work here at Service Care Solutions, and even though we have all been working remotely since the government advised everyone to do so, we have continued to run our monthly and quarterly awards programmes. Award winners receive a voucher to spend as they wish, with the top prize being £100.

During our recent 'Welfare and Values' review, it was suggested that we introduce a separate category for employees that are part of the Business Support teams (such as Finance, HR and Marketing) for the monthly awards so this has now been implemented. 

Usually we would have presentations for the awards but obviously that hasn't been possible so we have been making videos to announce the winners - Steven Spielberg needn't worry about his day job though! 

Here are the winners for the last few months:

March 2020 Employees of the Month

1st Place - Ashlee Ryan - Housing Division

 2nd Place - Lucy Jolley
- Finance Department

 3rd Place - Lewis Jackson
- Construction Division

 Highly Commended - Lauren Marlor
- Construction Division

Blog of the Month - Isaac Swinney - Criminal Justice Division

April 2020 Employees of the Month

Joint 1st Place for Business Support - Sarah Farrimond - Marketing Department and Lucy Jolley - Finance Department

 Consultant 1st Place - Lee McMillan
- Housing Division

Consultant 2nd Place - Natasha Ward - Social Work Division

Consultant joint 3rd Place - Alex Glover - Social Work Division and Mary Colapinto - Construction Division

Blog of the Month - Jenna McFarlane - Mental Health Division

Quarter 4 2019/2020 Winners 

Employee of the Quarter - Lewis Jackson - Construction Division

Manager of the Quarter - Paul Bradley - Criminal Justice Division

Team Leader of the Quarter - Chris Wheeler - Criminal Justice Division

Team of the Quarter - Criminal Justice

 Business Support of the Quarter - Jess Livesey
- HR Department

If you would like to work for a company that values and rewards its employees, please get in touch here or call our HR Department on 01772 208956.

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