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With a real family ethos emanating through our business, we were thrilled to hear about a number of engagements last year -with three over the Christmas period alone - congrats to Jake, Jamal and Jess! This time of year is also generally very busy for summer brides prepping and planning so we asked trainee recruitment consultant Jenna McFarlane to give us the lowdown on dresses, putting her years of experience in the industry to use:

Taking the stress out of your wedding day

Believe it or not, weddings don’t actually need to be stressful! Many people put way too much pressure on themselves to try and impress others on their big day and forget the true meaning of marriage: the love you have for one another.

Coming from a background of working in wedding venues and bridal boutiques over the past 6 years, the one thing that I would try and stress to all upcoming brides is: don’t do anything to benefit anyone else but yourself and your partner!

If your mother wants you to invite your second cousin who you haven’t seen since your 5th birthday and you’re not okay with it, it’s okay to say no!

If you don’t want to invite your evil mother in law to your wedding dress fitting, it’s okay to say no!! And if your bridesmaid is causing drama and too busy making it all about herself, it’s okay to sack her off and say no!

Unfortunately, it feels like nowadays weddings have become way too much about trying to impress others and show off how much money you have spent rather than just enjoying the day.

Don’t bankrupt yourself in order to try and impress others – only pay what you can afford

Why not get creative and make your own DIY table plan, table numbers, order of services and invites? Make a night of it, get the bridal party round to help and celebrate with a glass of wine. These small things can save you hundreds of pounds.

If you’ve picked the perfect venue, then there’s no need to go over the top with extras… think about it; as beautiful as it may be, is anyone really going to remember the fairy lit backdrop covering one wall which cost you £400 or the 1 extra glass of prosecco for everyone that set you back £500 just to keep everyone topped up that little bit more? (hint… no one remembers what they drank and what was or wasn’t free!).

And most importantly, THE DRESS. As much as FOMO (fear of missing out) makes you believe, you don’t need to visit every single wedding dress shop in the whole of the UK before making your decision. Be precise, do your research and pick your favourite 3 shops to visit. It’s a daunting experience and although exciting for many, can be terrifying for others so try and get a bit more of an idea of what kind of gowns these shops have and what sizes they stock to try on. Instagram accounts can be great to get an idea of the sorts of styles and designers shops stock so maybe start there.

The key is to not overthink it and as hard as it is, try not to take anyone else’s opinions on board. Of course, take friends and family for support but try to narrow it down to 3 people maximum. Too many voices can make it a much more stressful experience. Remember, it’s your dress and if it feels right and you love it, these are literally the only 2 factors that matter.

I feel the true beauty of weddings has been lost over the years and I want you all to read this and remember, it is all about you and your partner and it’s okay to be selfish for once!

Live in the moment and enjoy every minute. Don’t let your ‘Aunty Joyce’ tell you that your dress is too low cut or that you need to be offering 17 different food options to accommodate the fussy ones. It’s one day of your life so try to focus on enjoying the lead up and savour every moment of the day because it really does fly by and you don’t want to tarnish the memories with the thoughts of how stressful the planning was.

My top pieces of advice:

1. Don’t take anyone else’s opinion on board.
2. Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s.
3. Spend less on everyone else and save your money for an incredible honeymoon for just the two of you!

If you would like to speak to Jenna about any roles she has available (such as Healthcare Assistant and RMN positions) please contact her here or call her on 01772 208967
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