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Whenever I use that word I consistently hear the expression 'motorsport is dangerous'. It’s a lot safer than using the open road as a test ground so maybe its all relative...

Some time ago, I wanted to look at a form of Motorsport that was relatively affordable and fun to do. Well... life happened and it took a back seat – until a few years ago. Many people think of motorsport as glamorous, expensive and global. The reality is that, for most of us, it isn’t..

An easy way into this forum is through hill climbs or sprints. You can take your road car with very little amendment needed, grab a protective suit, gloves and helmet and start popping round a small track learning your craft.

So, following getting the kit (there’s a lot of good second hand stuff available – but never buy a second hand helmet) and getting my Mini ready, I entered my first competition – The Barbon Hillclimb in the South Lakes. I had to apply to be a member of Liverpool Motor Club and get my license from Motorsport UK – it wasn't expensive and the Motor Club was only £30 for three years too.

On a bright, sunny day I was at the starting line waiting for the green light. A lot of revs, some snappy gear changing and three corners later it was done. It felt amazing.

Wear and tear on your car is (relatively) minimal as you don’t drive fast for that long (usually less than a minute) but the feeling is great and there are a lot of like-minded people around too. The professional hill climbers must be cut from a different cloth – well worth watching if you get the chance and in lightening quick single-seaters.

Fast forward to today and I am practicing in a Formula Ford. Only one practice in so far – and spinning on the first lap and stalling was probably the low point – but soon enough I was comfortable in the wet,  realising how different it was from anything else I’d driven. All I can say is that grass roots motorsport is out there for everyone. It’s really good to see it as more inclusive and a better mix of gender and personalities – long overdue in my opinion.

If you like the thought of driving quickly then I would strongly encourage you to do it safely. Motorsport UK is a great portal of advice and can arrange your first license to compete. If I was to do it again, I’d grab a second hand car for a few hundred quid, make sure it’s road legal and crack on. Invest in your helmet – that’s probably the most costly, but essential, item. Use the instruction you get on track days and get out and about to enjoy an exciting, well run and team based sport. Fingers crossed I can progress to a Formula Ford race this year.

When I'm not getting my adrenaline fix on the race track, I head up Service Care Solutions as MD (soon to be Chairman). We are always on the look out for fresh talent to join us at our Preston HQ and we recruit within a wide range of sectors (from Healthcare to Construction) throughout the UK. If you are looking for a job or looking for staff, get in touch today.
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