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Exercising and Work Productivity – are they Linked?

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Even though I may not be the best, I have always been keen on sport and exercising since I was young and I am a firm believer that it is very important to help work productivity and efficiency. Some people nowadays with their hectic lives try to balance work, family, friends and tend to neglect exercise as they don’t believe they don’t have the time for this not understanding the added benefits they could be adding especially in a work sense. So what are these added benefits ?

Alertness and Energy

One way that exercise can help boost productivity at work is through alertness. When you exercise you increase blood flow to the brain, this can help sharpen your awareness and make you more ready to tackle your next big project and enable you to be on the top of your games and to perform to the best of your ability. If you struggle to find the time, having a walk on your lunch break, as small as it may seem, can make a big difference.

Improves Mental Health

Exercise is a great way to improve mental health and, with regular bouts of exercise, feelings of anxiety and depression can be curbed. This is through the release of the chemical serotonin into the brain which stimulates mood and emotion. From a personal experience working in sales, there can be a lot of anxiety in and outside of the job and I find exercise is the best way to reduce this.

Reduced chance of illness and disease
It has been proven that exercise reduces the chance of catching illnesses. With this improved immunity, it will lead to less sick days or days where you are at work feeling ill with the a cold being less productive than you would be usually at when fully fit. To all the people that believe they don’t have the time, see if you can start off by setting a goal of half an hour a week and you’ll start noticing the improvements!
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