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22/02/20 – the date the 'Gypsy King' retained the WBC Heavyweight Title.

In a thrilling, 7 round TKO (Technical Knock Out), Tyson Fury forced Deontay Wilder’s corner to throw in the towel.

After the fight, Fury stated, “I always believed if he couldn't beat me at 50% then he had no chance tonight" - he was referring to his previous bout with Wilder, where a dubious draw tarnished his record and prevented one of the greatest come backs in boxing history. This “50%” relates to Fury’s recent struggles with mental health / mental state in the first fight. Fury knew he wasn’t at his best physically and mentally only felt 50% of his true self, yet Wilder still couldn’t get the W. This time round, Fury was 100% confident he could get the win, as he had overcome his demons.

A little bit of background on Tyson Fury’s issues:

Fury struggled massively with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Once he became the lineal champion in 2015, he says it was a downward spiral, as he began to think that he had achieved everything possible in life. He had lost all motivation to train, which was something he always loved to do, and no money in the world could help overcome the mind-set that his life was over. Fury then turned to alcohol, drugs and excessive unhealthy eating which pushed him up to 28.5 stone. A famous quote from fury states ‘I would drink 18 pints of lager a day, follow it up with whisky and vodka, and then stop off on the way home for pizzas and kebabs’. This defined by Fury, was the lowest point of his entire life, yet he had everything he’d ever dreamed of – fame, money, and all the belts. Fury was then banned for 2 years for doping.

Since his ban was overturned, Fury has shed 10 stone, fought 6 times - winning 5 and drawing 1, and is now the WBC Heavyweight champion of the world. He has well and truly overcome his mental health issues and achieved greatness.

There is obviously a big push to speak up about mental health issues at the moment, and rightfully so. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from mental health problems at some point in the year. So take a look at your desk clump, and one of those people will have had to deal with issues that they may or may not have shared with you. It’s not something to be joked about or trivialised, it’s a real problem that multiple people have to deal with on a day to day basis.

What I’ve tried to show you in this blog; is that even those who appear to have it all in life (fame, money, luxuries etc) still struggle with mental health issues. It’s a very normal thing, and you are certainly not on your own. I myself have dealt with issues in the past and believe the best outcome is to talk about it. You’d be surprised how many people at work and at home want to see you doing the best you. We are constantly surrounded by people trying to get the best out of their jobs and sometimes its OK to feel a bit down or anxious about something. Speaking about it may feel like a big task, but as soon as you hear negative thoughts come out your mouth, it’s almost like they’ve left your head. It’s a massive weight off your shoulders knowing someone knows how you're feeling, and maybe even feels the same. 

It’s always good to remember that we reap large rewards and are surrounded by a great support unit at Service Care, so always try and look at the positives! Whether it’s a friend, direct line manager, HR or our MIND/Bupa service, always talk about your issues and they become much smaller.

If you don't work for Service Care Solutions and need someone to talk to, please call the Samaritans on 116 123.

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