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From Bored to Board - My Dad the Inventor!

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Have you ever had an idea that had the potential to become a global success? Millions of people do on a daily basis but the big question is how far would you be prepared to go to bring your dream to reality? Well my Dad Dave had such an idea one night in the height of lock down and he was so convinced of the potential, he got to work on bringing said dream to reality.

My Dad retired from the Police in June 2019 and now,with all the time in the world (even more so with lockdown), he thought - 'why not?! When he retired he had no specific plans except for the usual decorating, gardening, holidays etc. but then one night he suddenly had a vision of creating a board game. Dad said that everything seemed to come to him all at once; how the game would be played, the design of the board, even the name, so he began the journey to make AlphabeticZ a reality.

He has spent the last 6 months developing the game which, after numerous trials and errors, is now complete and on the market!

AlphabeticZ is a game of knowledge, strategy and luck of the dice – however, unlike many other games, you can play over and over again and have an entirely new game each time. In brief, the idea is to get your playing piece from start to finish before the other players or teams. As the name suggests, the game is played using all the letters of the alphabet and there is a pack of category cards. The game is a sure family favourite that can spark some heated discussions about what answers can and cannot be accepted! The suggested age is 14+ and can be played by 2 to 6 players or, alternatively as a team game and it can be played over a video call (essential over lock down!).

My Dad comments, "I am indebted to all my friends and family who were guinea pigs in testing the game and whose help and suggestions assisted greatly to get the finished article. I am really looking forward to sharing the game with the world and am excited for things to come!"

If the current global pandemic has taught us anything, when staying in is the new going out, a good board game is all you really need! AlphabeticZ is available to buy online now.

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