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Here at Service Care Solutions, we take pride in the fact that we recruit people from all walks of life to work with us as consultants. TV sound engineer, barber, car salesman and prison warden are just a few of the roles our current team have experienced before joining us. While scrolling through Instagram, however, a photo of one of our team members in full regalia and busby hat caught my eye and I wanted to find out more...

For over 7 years, Healthcare consultant Paul Magee was part of the Scots Guards and lived and breathed all things army. He joined at the age of 22, where he trained at Catterick Garrison for 28 weeks. Following this, he moved to Wellington Barracks in London for 10 months where he trained for ceremonial duties - this included Guard Mounts at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and St James' Palace. Although the training was grueling, Paul's steely determination and pride in his work meant he stuck it out and progressed to Lance Sergeant following a tour in Afghanistan. 


The Afghan tour was 7 months and he was stationed with the Mortar Platoon. Paul said that whilst his work there was very worthwhile, he did miss his little boy and, of course, the home comforts - particularly as he was there over Christmas.

I wondered what Paul's top three memorable moments of his time serving were and he recalled the following:
  • Trooping the Colour in 2011, along with lining the streets for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
  • Being part of the Scots Guard Ski Team in France - sadly he had to drop out due to fracturing his back
  • Completing the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal (around 145 miles in total, with the highest point being at Thorung la Pass, a whopping 5416m above sea level)

Paul has now well and truly settled back into civilian life and is doing well in his role once more - this time without the heavy headgear and boots! If you need help finding a role (or sourcing staff) within the Healthcare industry, we're sure he'll step straight into line for you! You can reach Paul on 01772 208961
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