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‘Frontline’ – a new Social Work graduate scheme

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With 4,320 vacancies in the social work sector in 2014 alone, the government have decided a change is long overdue when it comes to the recruitment of England’s Children’s Social Workers.

Children’s Social Workers have become increasingly under pressure in recent years due to some high profile cases which have been drawn to the public’s eye in media coverage. Since this, Social Workers are often being scrutinised in the work place by official bodies such as OFSTED as well as the public themselves and now it seems the Government is growing worried over a potential decline in those choosing Social Work as a graduate opportunity.

To avoid this decline, the Government are taking some actions in order to increase the numbers of high quality graduates to the profession. ‘Frontline’ is a new Government scheme similar to those in the teaching profession such as ‘Teach First’. With this new scheme, the Government is hoping to attract the attention of 300 new graduates including those thinking of a last minute career change in the hope that they will be able to undertake training and be ready to enter the profession in July 2017.

Many students, graduates and professionals looking for a career change can often be put off by the lack of support for getting in to a new sector. This new scheme means to supply a platform for those wish to enter the profession and in doing so, allows those with any previous hesitations to come forward and embark upon a career in the diverse field of Social Work.

Frontline’s Chief Executive Josh MacAlister has stated that their goal is “to go national in developing even more outstanding social workers to stand alongside those children and families who need them the most.” With this new graduate scheme, the government aims to invest into Britain’s Social Workers in order to vastly increase the number of quality Social Workers in our communities and to make Social Work a widely accessible and popular career choice.

For those considering Social Work as a career, according to Frontline’s official website, to apply for the course you simply need a 2:1 or higher in your first undergraduate degree and a Grade C or above in Maths and English GCSE. So, whether you are a graduate of a Social Work related degree or even a graduate of a degree worlds away from Social Work, this could be an option for you.
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Im intrested in thE step up to social work course My query is i have a Degree in sociology an Education. But recieved a 2:2. my first year of my Masters In social work at UNIVERSITY of nottingham. But left dur to persinal reasons Still looking for other ways to QUALIFY as social work.
Rehana Shaheen , 26/02/16
Intrested in applying for social work
Rehana ShaheeN , 26/02/16
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