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Good news for Newly Qualified Social Workers

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A recent study by ‘Skills for Care’ has shown that the number of graduates obtaining social worker jobs within six months of completing their course has increased. This report covers the period from 2009 to 2014 and is headed ‘Social Work Education in England’. This is a huge development for the Social Work field as many workers once leaving university were finding it hard to find employment as a Qualified Social Worker. This should hopefully see in an increase in students going into Social Work and completing the course.

Social Work student statistics:
• The number of enrolments on social work education courses has dropped since 2009/10 from 5,620 to 4,590 in 2013/14.
• The number of students on post-graduate, master’s courses has increased from 29% in 2009/10 to one third of total enrolments in 2013/14.
• Black and minority ethnic students make up 30% of all social work students
• The vast majority of those who dropped out of their social work course were under 24 years of age (85% completion rate compared with 95% of those aged over 24), on an under-graduate degree and did so in the first year

The report has also found that those who went on to a Master’s Degree were more likely to find employment as Social Workers (73% compared to 61% of undergraduate qualifiers). Keep an eye out on for updates on this or feel free to comment below. 
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