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Happy Easter from Service Care Solutions

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We aren't just a recruitment agency... we are an award winning specialist recruitment agency that gives amazing advice just in time for the bank holiday weekend!

With the Bank Holiday Easter weekend just around the corner, break out the barbecues and dig out your flip-flops Britain is set to sizzle in an Easter heatwave with glorious sunshine and temperatures up to 25C in some places.

However, not everyone welcomes the hot weather and for some people high temperatures can feel uncomfortable.

Top 3 tips for staying cool;

  • Staying cool inside – There is not a lot people can do about the temperature outside, however being inside is something we can control to feel comfortable and cool.Open windows and doors to allow your house to ventilate correctly, but don’t forget to close your blinds and curtains as this will help keep the indoor temperature down and prevent your home from overheating. 
  • To get a good night's sleep - The temperature does not just high in the day, it continues through the night which can cause peoples to be a challenge. A good tip to ensure you get the best sleep possible is to have a cold shower/ bath before going to bed. This will ensure your body temperature stays low. 
  • Staying hydrated – The hotter the weather the faster our body is dehydrating, it is very important to keep topping up with fluids whether this be water or diluted fruit juice. When the temperature is high we all like to have an alcoholic drink, however having too much can cause us to dehydrate quicker so make sure you stick within your limits. Lastly placing ice cubes in front of your fan is also a good way to cool down the air in the room and regulate your temperature. 
Don’t forget……. It is not just humans who get uncomfortable in the hot weather, animals do too (this is my puppy Henry!)

Keep an eye on your pets and make sure there is an shaded place for them to go if the sun is shining outside as they can overheat too, always make sure they have access to water to drink if they require it. NEVER keep them confined in a car - regardless of whether the window is open or not. Enjoy the Easter weekend and keep hydrated!

We hope you have lovely Easter. We will be back open at 8am on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. 
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