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Happy New Year - A Little Poem!

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Happy New Year 

The pubs are empty and the gyms are packed,
It must mean January is back!
Here it is, a brand new year,
Long gone are the days of festive cheer.

It’s time to welcome those pesky blues,
Or we could cheer up by buying shoes?
It’s a time of reflection of days gone by,
A look to the future up into the sky.

Keep the resolutions nice and small, 
Nobody wants to fail or fall,
Nothing too big is my advice
And you’re better off keeping them nice and precise. 

This is the time, here and now, 
To make a difference any way, which how
To shed the pounds, or save for a car, 
To finally afford to travel afar.

Whatever you do, I hope it’s a success,
Just keep on going and don’t digress, 
Happy New Year, all the best,
Here’s to a good one, better than all the rest!
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