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Here at Service Care Solutions, we have a variety of roles to suit even the most unusual set of skills. Whilst watching the latest series of the hit TV show 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' we started to think about the different attributes that the camp mates have and how we would place them in the working world. Our consultants are dab hands at finding the right job for the right skillset and they don't just look at words on a CV when searching for the right candidate. We believe at taking a holistic approach to recruitment, getting to know our candidates and clients to ensure the best fit. We took a tongue-in-cheek look at where we would see the camp mates within roles we regularly recruit for here at SCS...

Harry Rednapp - Prison Warden

Harry is a 'salt of the earth' cockney who could build a rapport with even the most unruly crew. His background in football management means he is used to diffusing conflict and bringing a groups of people together to achieve success. We can see him having plenty of banter with the inmates whilst still retaining their respect for him due to his no-nonsense attitude, 'Go on lads, up the apples and pairs, it's lights out time!'

Nick Knowles - Social Worker

If you've followed Nick over the years on DIY SOS you may think we would have assigned him a role from our construction division but that would be far too easy! The father figure in the camp, Nick is incredibly caring and selfless, demonstrated when he sacrificed his meal to other team members and forwent his luxury item (a pillow) and gave it to Ann. We think with these attributes he would make a fantastic social worker, being able to empathise with other people whilst staying level headed. Be it working with children, the elderly or even those with learning difficulties, Nick would do us proud.

Anne Hegarty - Lawyer


With a brain like a sponge and an iron wit, we think Anne would make a formidable lawyer. We can just see the opposition quaking in their shiny brogues when faced with Anne's steely stare. A head full of facts and figures would mean nothing would get past her and we're sure she could formulate an argument for or against almost anything. 

Emily Atack - Mental Health Nurse

Emily is a girly girl who is very easy going and fun. She is able to get on with others in the camp very easily and we think her caring nature would make her very suited to nursing. Emily has admitted that she has suffered with mental health issues in the past, lacking confidence in the fickle world of showbiz. Perhaps she could use her own experiences to help others?

Fleur East - Physiotherapist

A dynamo in the camp, Fleur is effervescent and strong. She has motivated the camp mates with workouts and stretching sessions and we think she'd make a great physiotherapist. We can see her encouraging people to get back on their feet after injury and her interest in fitness would help her understand the complex workings of the human body.

Noel Edmonds - Quantity Surveyor

Always busying himself around the camp by sourcing supplies and maintaining the fire, we can picture Noel as a quantity surveyor. Not only is he practical and organised, but he's used to negotiating a deal or two on his hit TV show, 'Deal or no Deal'. He is also very astute, demonstrated when he bought a black cab to get around Bristol quicker. The fact that he even bought a mannequin to sit in the back so that people wouldn't pester him for a ride shows he is very resourceful!

John Barrowman - Speech and Language Therapist

The entertainer in the camp, John is larger than life and isn't afraid to make himself heard. With his background in theatre, he has a wealth of confidence and we think he'd be great as a speech and language therapist. He could teach people to enunciate and project like a Broadway star, whilst keeping them entertained with his outbursts of song. If you've ever seen 'The Kings Speech' you will know that Lionel Logue (speech and language therapist) first got King George VI to overcome his stutter by singing - we're certain John would encourage this method!

Sair Khan - Healthcare Chef

One of the more understated members of the camp, Sair is diligent and calm. She's tackled a few 'eating trials' with ease and isn't phased by much - she wolfed down spoonfuls of flies, a mouse tail and even a camel's hoof (complete with fur)! When the pressure's on in the kitchen, we can see her being swan-like (gliding along on the surface whilst paddling like mad under the water). A chef role may not be something that springs to mind when looking at SCS but we have roles to cover an awful lot more than just social work/care, health and criminal justice (our original divisions).

Rita Simons - Youth Offending Officer

While Rita is very strong-willed and not afraid to speak her mind, she is able to get on with other people easily. We think Rita would make a good youth offending officer due to her no-nonsense attitude and mental strength. Her background on the huge soap 'Eastenders' would certainly be a novelty to the youngsters she'd work with but we can't imagine them stepping out of line - even Harry and Noel are wary of her!

James McVey - Resident Children's Support Worker

Being a global pop star, James sure knows how to build a rapport with the younger generation. He is gentle and kind and would be rather relatable to his young wards as he is only 24 himself. He has recently revealed that he suffered with an eating disorder when he first sprang to fame so he is likely to have empathy with children that need someone to confide in.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer - Groundworker

The youngest in the camp, Malique is fit and hardworking, getting stuck into the physical trials with ease. He was quick to jump to the rescue when poor Harry lost his soap in the lake, demonstrating he's not afraid of getting involved in an sticky situation. We can see him taking to ground working with gusto, having fun with other colleagues and keeping morale up with his impromptu raps! 

So what do you think - do you think we've read the camp mates right? We're here to help with all your recruitment needs, afterall, in the world of job seeking, it's a jungle out there!

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