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As we return to the office, bleary eyed and a little downtrodden, it’s important to try to motivate ourselves and get back into the work routine as quick as possible. There’s nothing worse than feeling rotten at the prospect of returning to your job or having Sunday (or, in this case, Monday) night blues. We all need to get back to it, after all, how will we pay for the fun over the next Bank Holiday if we don’t start earning again!?

So how do we get ourselves back in the swing of things?

Don’t think about work negatively

I am a big advocate of positive mindset – and have found that, with the right mindset, we can achieve a lot more. Try to think how lucky you are to have your job and to be healthy enough to be able to go to work. Although this may not flash through your mind at your alarm blares at 6.30am, jump out of bed and open the blinds before you can think about anything else! One good way of raising adrenaline (to prepare yourself for the day ahead) is to finish your shower with a cold blast (as cold as you can manage) of water – this is also proven to increase alertness, ease stress and relieve depression.

A good piece of advice I saw on is ‘If the project your faced with isn’t viewed as drudgery, but rather as a piece of the puzzle that’s helping you along your career path, then perhaps the energy required to do it will be easier to come by’. 

Prepare the Night (or even a few days) Before

Try to make your first morning back as painless as possible by prepping the night before. This can mean laying out your clothes (already ironed of course!) – maybe pick an outfit you feel most confident in – if you don’t feel the part, at least you can look it!

Setting out breakfast and making your lunch ready the day before can also help the last minute dash to leave the house first thing in the morning. Remember that the traffic may be heavier than normal, with people returning to work and school – so set off in plenty of time.

If you have been off for a week or so, it may be worth setting your alarm earlier for a few days before returning to work so you get back into a better sleep pattern. Although this may be painful at first, your body will thank you for it on your first day back!

Power Through!

Try not to procrastinate the most tedious jobs – the sooner you get these done, the better you’ll feel. Make a ‘To Do’ list as soon as you get to your desk (or even on your phone if you think of things whilst you are off). Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with tasks swimming around in our head and writing them down can actually make us see that there weren’t that many after all. Prioritise these items and perhaps allocate time to them so you can manage your first few days effectively.

Embrace your Colleagues

Although we sometimes wouldn’t choose to socialise with those we work with, in most circumstances we can find something to talk about ‘over the water cooler’. Enquire about other people’s weekends; you may find you have more in common with them than you realised. If you have been away when others have worked, find out what’s been going on since you’ve been away and maybe even share your issues and worrieswith them – this will help alleviate any isolation you are feeling: a problem shared is a problem halved after all!

If you are feeling unhappy in your job and no amount of motivational tips help, why not give us a call on 01772 555530 to see if we can help? We have a wealth of vacancies across a variety of sectors including Social Care, Mental Health, Criminal Justice & Probation, Healthcare, Social Housing, Construction and Legal. 

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